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Choose a Crystal – Receive a Life-Changing Message

Take a close look at the crystals shown in this photo and choose the one that attracts your attention most.

Do not choose according to the one you like the most, but follow the instinct.

Your choice will reveal what you need to change in life.

1. Rose Quartz

You have a problem with communication, open expression of thoughts and feelings, real confrontation with your own emotions, and careful listening to what others say to you. They are aspects of life that you should work on in order to be happier and more fulfilled.

It is possible that you have problems with the throat and ears, because this crystal represents the chakra of the throat, and these problems occur precisely because of poor communication.

It’s also possible to pretend that you are something that you are not trying to deceive others, but yourself. Take off the mask, remove the wall that you have erected around you and be what you really are deep in your soul.

Commit to those things that fill you with positive energy, listen carefully to the people around you and make communication with them full of understanding, compassion, and love. Forget the anger because she’s not good at anything.

2. Opal

This crystal shows that you deeply crave for some sort of healing, peace, harmony, healing, and love. You are often restless. We would like to calm down, but it is stronger than you. You may have problems with friendship or love relationships.

What you choose precisely this crystal can anticipate problems with the chakra of the heart through which energy is no longer traveling freely, perhaps because of the bad experiences that you had in the past.

If you want to change that, then you need to turn to yourself and your spiritual progress. Walk in nature and enjoy the surroundings. It will fill you with positive energy, help you remove negative thoughts and relax.

All of this will result in creating a balance in your life and a sense of pleasure, and it will attract new, quality friends and sincere love. It’s all in your hands.

3. Amethyst

You could say that you have problems with self-esteem and you are not focused on your own life. There are chances for other people to exhaust your energy and manage your life. Somehow, it’s easier for you to let go, than to win for yourself.

Probably the flow of energy through the chakra of the solar plexus is disturbed, and it is precisely this that gives you strength and will.

For starters, you need to spend some time on meditation and focus on what you want in life. Set goals and bravely go to them. Do not let others ruin you, because you will notice such attempts.

You are waiting for happiness and pleasure, you just have to come to them, and nobody else can do it, except you.

Source: Facts’nPranks