Café’s Simplified ‘No Nonsense’ Hot Drinks Menu Sparks Massive Debate

Coffee‘s place in society has evolved massively over the years. It used to be a hot drink you’d guzzle down if you were feeling a bit tired, or if you were a bit tipsy but wanted to drive (not advisable and definitely illegal, silly people of the past).

But nowadays, coffee has become a cornerstone of our culture.

You can barely turn a corner without being confronted by a dozen cafés, each of which will most likely have a drinks menu as long as your arm: macchiato, frappe creme caramel, skinny turmeric tea, double grande soy milk chai campachuchoo herbal espresso… the choice is yours.

Clearly though, many people pine for the days when the choice was either tea or coffee, and a café in Poole, UK, has clearly tried to appeal to such people with its ‘no nonsense’ drinks menu.

The blackboard shows a list of typical hot drinks options with a cross put through them and a simplified translation written up in its place.

The translations are as follows: Americano = black coffee, Flat white = white coffee, Cappuccino = frothy coffee, Latte = milky coffee, Mocha = choccy coffee, Tea = not coffee, Hot chocolate = also not coffee.

Evidently, the menu is designed to be a light-hearted stab at the supposed snobbery of many modern day cafés. However, as always seems to be the case on the internet, people have got very worked up about the seemingly harmless sign.

A photo of the blackboard was shared on Reddit where it sparked an all-too-heated debate.

One person said:

“Mate I’d be fuming if I asked for a flat white and they gave me a white Americano.”

Another said:

“Jesus. Be like going to a restaurant with a menu that reads ‘Bird meat. Land animal meat. Sea meat. Vegetables’.”

A third added:

“I don’t want my coffee made by people who don’t understand coffee.”

Yeah, seems like these people would probably have a better time at the sort of cafés this sign was poking fun at.

However, not everyone was so incensed by the drinks menu, with one person actually sticking their head above the parapet and admitting that they actually found it quite informative.

They said: “Honestly I had no idea what the difference was with all of them until this thread and I tend to buy a decent amount of coffee (admittedly from chains).

“The confusing thing is that this was a pretty lighthearted joke and the whole thread is people being like ‘well this isn’t artisan coffee lul’ but it’s not advertising itself like that anyway.

“I don’t think anyone reads that sign and actually thinks it’s as simple as what they’ve wrote, ya know. It’s just a joke.”

Seems that to many, coffee is no joking matter.

Source: LadBible