Broaden Your Horizons – Weekly Horoscope For November 26th-December 2nd

Are you thinking big enough—and broad enough? Even if you’re certain that you are, challenge yourself to stretch just a liiiiittle bit further this Monday, November 26. The reason being? Fortuitous Jupiter and the dashing Sun are hosting their annual meetup, and this year, they’re throwing a homecoming party in expansive Sagittarius, which also happens to be the red-spotted planet’s provenance. Since these buoyant heavenly bodies only sync up in the Archer’s realm every 12 years, it’s a very big deal—kind of like a double rainbow leading to a Venti-sized pot of gold. Have you been crafting a master plan behind the scenes? The coast is clear to take a calculated risk or a major leap of faith. (Not to be confused with a foolish gamble, mind you.) And while you’re likely to land on your feet, it’s anyone’s guess where your Doc Martens will be planted given the Archer’s global influence. A spur-of-the-moment travel plan could shuttle you away on a pre-holiday trip—or a spontaneous adventure with a brand-new friend. But brace yourself: Jupiter strips away falsehoods and reveals the truth. Add the Sun’s illuminating beams to that equation and some world-rocking news may come to light. Rule of thumb: Enjoy the swagger this transit brings but avoid doing anything you wouldn’t want caught on film!

Staying balanced won’t be easy on Friday when charming Venus in diplomatic Libra gets thrown off her center by disruptor Uranus in hotheaded Aries. As the two planets oppose each other, simmering tension could erupt like a dormant volcano—and if you feed that energy, drama can escalate at a mind boggling velocity! Who KNEW there was so much suppressed anger brewing…or is that sexual tension…or both? Sometimes a good old-fashioned row is what’s needed for two people to clear the air. (Just don’t let the warrior influence of Aries bring this one to fisticuffs or flying plates.) The heat of a forbidden attraction might be too hard to resist this Friday night. If you’re not looking to invite THAT kind of “excitement” into your life, swiftly paddle away from Temptation Island. In the final analysis, you may be grateful you didn’t wake up with clothing trailing from the front door to the bedroom!

Of course, that might all change starting Sunday, December 2. For the second time in 2018, vixen Venus dons her sultriest apparel and slinks into Scorpio’s red room until January 7. The countdown to holiday season arrives with an extra dollop of sex appeal—and all the seductive cat and mouse games you can stuff your stockings with! Le love planet already shimmied through Scorpio from September 9 to October 31, which would normally make for an erotically enticing cycle. The trouble is, from October 5 until Halloween, she was retrograde in Scorpio (then backed up through Libra until November 16). To say this dredged up some serious intensity would be an understatement! Exes crept out of the woodwork—and demons reared up in our psyches. Spurious “twin flame” attractions were snuffed out unceremoniously while legit soulmates were kept apart by sheer circumstance. Or maybe bae’s every little move just grated on your raw nerves. Yeah…Venus’ first pass through Scorpio is one that many are eager to forget. But not so fast! There were important lessons to be distilled—and for the next five weeks, applied! If you mistook a siren for a soulmate, you’re now the savvier for it, and you can put up a fast, firm boundary should you encounter this type again. And with Venus on fleek, couples might make a rock-solid commitment as 2018 turns over into 2019. But if you’re going to put so much as a promise ring on your finger, make sure there’s as much trust as there is lust! P.S.: Knowing for sure could take at least a week, as retrograde Mercury slips back into Scorpio on Saturday the 1st before resuming its clarifying direct motion on the 6th!


There’s no limit to where your thoughts—or physical self—could go on Monday, November 26. That day witnesses a super-rare supernova of a conjunction between the radiant Sun and visionary Jupiter in Sagittarius and your exploratory, global ninth house. Stay open to synchronicities that are too spooky to ignore, like seeing the same number in a half-dozen places or someone calling you just as you’re thinking about them. But don’t just be wowed by those “woo-woo” moments. Pursue them a little and see what messages they might have for you, especially if you’re seeking some specific answers or guidance. You might finally feel ready to put a deposit on a big trip or a spiritually oriented workshop. Or maybe you’re ready to TEACH one, Ram! This is a great day to push yourself beyond your comfort zone; anything new and inspirational will get your heart pumping! Not sure how to max out this cosmic gift? Challenge yourself to see what’s out there. Start by Googling a few of your passions, then allow yourself to go through however many wormholes it takes until you find your next pursuit!

Where has the love gone? If you’re suddenly “not feeling it” or the passion’s evaporated from your union, you may be feeling frustrated and dejected. On Friday, romantic Venus in your partnership corner swings into an opposition with radical-makeover artist Uranus in your sign. This could trigger anything from a few surface ripples to a full-on tsunami on your emotion ocean. But there is a silver lining: By being brutally honest with yourself (and your amour du jour) about what you do want, you’ll have a far better chance of actually attaining it. It’s easy to drift into a “good enough” relationship, but if your heart desires more, you need to be bold about expressing it. And this rebellious energy, while disruptive, might prove the perfect catalyst. Single? This annual opposition can shake things up and give you inspiration for meeting quality prospects. Don’t be afraid to take a few risks in the name of love!

Things take a turn for the steamier on Sunday, when sensual Venus grooves into Scorpio and your erotic eighth house until January 7, turning up the heat AND your personal mojo! You had a sneak preview of this during the love planet’s earlier foray into these waters (September 9 to October 31), and now you have a chance to dive in for real. Make sure you know what YOU want—because with Venus as your co-pilot, you’re likely to get it! Know where your boundaries lie, both in terms of emotional commitment and thrill-seeking. (Scorpio energy can get kinky.) While you’ll enjoy the intensity and spontaneity this can bring, if you know you’re looking for something lasting, don’t get too distracted by indoor fireworks. Since this area IS your chamber of secrets, respect whatever you’re doing enough to NOT share it with your social media circle. Astrologically speaking, what happens in your eighth house should stay in your eighth house! And with messenger Mercury retrograding back in Scorpio before turning direct on December 6, you almost can’t be too cautious!


Bond—or bolt? You may be of two minds this Monday, November 26, as the confident Sun hooks up with expansive, liberated Jupiter in Sagittarius. However you slice it or dice it, this once-a-year meetup is auspicious. It’s tricky, though, because Sagittarius is the sign of freedom and growth, yet it rules your eighth house of intensity and strong emotions. You could feel an irresistible urge to merge while just as strongly feel as though you need some breathing room—like, a LOT of it. Before you do anything that’s easier to get into than out of, hit pause for inner reflection. Under these seductive vibes, you could get swept away, but it’s important that you come back to terra firma and figure out what you want for the long(er) haul. This Sun-Jupiter pairing can indicate a truly solid match, whether for romance, business or a creative collaboration—or any combination thereof! But it also suggests you could be merging more than assets or bodies, so be sure you’re ready to “go there.” The eighth house also rules intense, often buried emotions, and getting this close to someone could trigger jealousy or abandonment issues. Now is a good time to work with a healer or therapist to help you get to the bottom of this. If you ARE feeling a bit penned-in, look at possible reasons for that before you jump ship. Maybe you just need a little time away from each other to let your hearts grow fonder?

If someone asks what’s bugging you this Friday, the reality is, you might not have a clue! With your ruler, harmonious Venus, in your sixth house of wellness and self-care, you’ve been trying to eat more healthfully and keep stress at bay. Yet a curveball from cosmic disruptor Uranus in your twelfth house of dreams and fantasy could cause you to come unglued at the seams. It might be hard to tell if you’re reacting appropriately to what someone said or did if some semi-conscious emotions are clawing their way up to the surface. And this can set off a negative feedback loop with your health and raise your anxiety levels. Eek! Try not to do anything drastic, and just ride this out. Should you feel your blood pressure rising, do something healthy to manage it, like squeezing in an “emergency” yoga class or massage.

Relationships take the spotlight—again!—on Sunday, when Venus, boomerangs into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships until January 7. You may have gotten a sneak preview of this during the love planet’s visit earlier this year (September 9 to October 31), and now you have a chance to pick up where you left off. If something started then sputtered but you haven’t given up hope, it’s worth giving it another shot. After all, what have you got to lose? This could be a potential love connection or a professional alliance. If you’re involved, this follow-up visit from the love doctor can help restore harmony and passion or set the stage for a serious conversation. While there’s certainly room for individual differences, for any union to work, it’s got to be founded on honesty and trust. If there’s no one on your romantic radar screen, this transit could end your dry spell. But you’ve got to get out and mingle! You might want to hurry. Messenger Mercury retrogrades back in Scorpio on December 1, which could scramble your flirtatious signals!


The thing about relationships that your “twinning'” sign understands better than most is that there are two equal—or equally confounding—sides of the equation. And this Monday, November 26, you’ll see the pros AND cons of both through a crystal-clear lens! The indie-spirited Sun makes its once-a-year conjunction with liberated Jupiter in unbridled Sagittarius, which sure SOUNDS like it’s all about flying solo. Yet this rare and galvanizing meetup is happening in your seventh house of committed relationships. The point here may be about finding the kind of partner and partnership that gives you enough freedom to do what you want while also making you feel stronger and more complete as a result of your connection. And no, Gemini, that’s not impossible! But it does require that you get clear about what you actually desire—AND why you’re sometimes willing to compromise those all-important preferences. For couples, this Sun-Jupiter huddle can inspire you to talk through any areas where you feel confined and help you create the circumstances that will make BOTH of you feel loved yet independent. (This is also the case for business or creative partners.) On the other hand, if you’ve been feeling the urge to bolt, this empowering alignment can give you the courage to make your move—with honesty. Single Geminis might finally understand what it is you need and trust that if you keep those intentions strong and don’t “settle,” you WILL attract the perfect partner!

And yet… whatever you “decide” on Monday, you might have a 180-degree change of heart on Friday, when love planet Venus in your passionate fifth house locks into an opposition with radical-makeover artist Uranus in independent Aries. Emotions could be all over the map, and whatever you’re “sure” about one minute might turn into a giant question mark (or a NO!) the next. It might be tough to tell the difference between love, lust and just sticking with the devil you know to the one you don’t know. You could easily get caught up in a melodramatic situation, which can cloud your judgment. Try to avoid doing anything rash, however much Uranus tempts you. You may have a very different perspective in another day or two.

Setting your love life aside for a moment—if you can—Sunday’s stars help you reprioritize something important that may be missing from your life lately: self-care and healthy beauty routines. Aesthetically minded Venus returns to Scorpio and your sixth house of wellness and organization until January 7. You had a sneak preview of this during Venus’ first visit here September 9 to October 31, and now you can pick up where you left off. These next five weeks are perfect for getting your home life in order, especially if you’re hosting guests or entertaining for the holidays. It’s also an invitation to take measures to improve your health and boost your immune system before winter and the cold season strike in earnest. Take a sweep through your kitchen and clear the junk foods from your pantry and fridge and restock them with nutritious staples. On a subtler yet equally important level, clear your schedule of excessive obligations and give yourself permission to do less—and more slowly! Stress is a killer, but it’s one thing you actually have control over. Note: Messenger Mercury retrogrades back in Scorpio before turning direct on December 6, giving you another chance to get this right!


If you haven’t been treating your body like the temple it is, you may be inspired to do some soulful recalibration on Monday, November 26. That day marks the year’s only supercharged sync-up of the Sun, representing self-love, and can-do Jupiter, and they only meet in Sagittarius and your sixth house of wellbeing and self-care once every 12 years! No matter how diligent (or not) you’ve been lately, this mashup could bring a major aha moment and lifestyle pivot. Don’t waste time or energy overthinking a perfect “plan”; just pick a place to get some movement in today and treat your body to delicious, nutritious meals. Dust off the juicer, pull out the Vitamix and stock pot. You’ll have motivation in spades—the trick is channeling it into activities you can turn into habits. With Jupiter lending its supersizer energy, just be careful not to overdo it by being a “weekend warrior,” even if it’s only Monday. Slow and steady is what’ll carry you through. This exuberant alignment can renew your passion for your daily routines and inspire you to work smarter, not harder. And since the sixth house also rules service, you may find deep satisfaction volunteering your time and talents to an organization whose work resonates with your own higher values.

Batten down the emotional hatches and brace yourself for some rocky seas on Friday, when peaceful Venus in your domestic quarters collides with unpredictable Uranus in your career corner. The day may have a wild-card vibe to it as it’ll be hard to anticipate what people are going to throw at you. And good luck trying to establish equilibrium between your professional and home life! Everyone wants a piece of you, but there’s only so much to go around. If a project needs an eleventh-hour revision or a family member is sick, obviously you have to take care of that. But if someone is making unreasonable demands, let them know you’ll TRY to work that into your priority list but can’t make any promises. Then get back to the things that matter most and don’t feel guilty!

Your romantic life picks up steam on Sunday as love planet Venus returns to Scorpio and your fifth house of passion and amour until January 7. You had a sneak preview of this during her previous toe-dip into these waters from September 9 to October 31, and now you’ll have a chance to pick up where you left off—or dive in WAY deeper. Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll have five weeks of flirting and canoodling: as much (or as little) as you desire. If you’re attached, this Venus cycle, which supports loving and diplomatic discussions, is a chance to talk through your shared goals and deepen your connection by taking some concrete steps. This could be a dream come true—or a bit terrifying if you’re not ready to reveal everything. This transit may push you to examine how you hold yourself back. Sometimes the best way to “work” on a partnership is by working on ourselves. Single? If you’re ready for a real union, get out more and mingle with like-minded types who share your interests. Some Cancers will enjoy the spike in their popularity, preferring to keep things light and casual. And with expressive Mercury retrograding back in Scorpio before turning direct on December 6, your flirty skills will be world-class!


There will be a sizzle on plenty more than your tempeh steak this Monday, November 26, when the confident Sun merges with bottomless Jupiter in Sagittarius and your lusty fifth house. (Not for nothing, this is the natural chart sector ruled by your swaggering sign!) Set your sights on a romantic or creative goal and don’t let up on the gas till you’re there. This is a day to take a calculated risk and make a bold move toward the object of your affection. People—and one in particular—will be drawn to your charisma and magnetic powers like moths to a flame. As long as you’re clear about your intentions and what you have to offer, there’s no reason NOT to pursue this. If it’s a love interest, don’t be shy about revealing your feelings (or desires). The right person will find that sexy. No one on the romantic radar screen? Glam up and hit a few venues where you’re likely to meet some eligible types. You won’t have to do much to catch their eye, so keep it light: The expansive Jupiter energy could cloud your better judgment. Of course, if you meet someone you immediately vibe with, pursue with intention. Flirting, teasing and getting to know each other is all part of the fun, but you don’t want to play actual head games.

Speaking your truth is one thing—and an important one at that! But unleashing a rant or saying things just to shock people is below your pay grade, Leo. On Friday, normally discreet Venus—in diplomatic Libra and your communication sector—swings into a feisty opposition with wild card Uranus in your outspoken ninth house. Do you have a legit message to share, are you hoping to shake up the status quo, or are you just trying to get noticed? If your aim is to call attention to an injustice or inappropriate behavior, then be direct about it. The squeaky wheel WILL get the grease, but you don’t want to earn a reputation as a snarky attention-getter.

Everything from your personal style to your Pinterest boards may undergo a makeover starting this Sunday as creative director Venus decamps to passionate Scorpio and your internally focused fourth house until January 7. You had a sneak preview of this during the fashionista planet’s earlier visit from September 9 to October 31, and now you have a chance to take some next steps. With your personal space activated during this intensifying transit, you’ll be less interested in superficial items than lasting shifts. At home, a few new sofa cushions won’t do the trick. You may be checking to see which walls are structural and which you can knock down. Leos who’ve been pondering a relocation might get serious about going to open houses or contacting a Realtor. But since Mercury is retrograding back into Scorpio before turning direct on December 6, take your time and don’t do anything so rash you can’t undo it if necessary. And because the fourth house rules not just home but family, be sure to build in plenty of quality time for your inner circle, especially the important chicas in your life. Couples will enjoy playing house and nesting more than ever. If your relationship is just gaining momentum, give it a little nudge to see how open your partner is to some of your suggestions.


Monday, November 26’s mystical mash-up raises what some Virgos might consider an inconvenient question: How happy are you in your current digs? While the quick answer might be “it’s fine,” stop and really think about that. Monday brings a rare conjunction of the ego-driven Sun and peripatetic Jupiter in expansive Sagittarius and your foundational fourth house. This meetup happens but once every 12 years, so decisions and events that take place now can have far-reaching ripple effects. Ever since Jupiter marched into your domestic fourth house on November 8, you may have been entertaining fantasies of spreading your wings, relocating or having more personal space. This could relate to your primary residence, a second home or a way to build more travel into your lifestyle. If you’re been dying to pull up stakes and find a new dream destination, start your search in earnest, but don’t put pressure on yourself to find something immediately. This transit is in effect for a year, and while it can give you itchy feet, you still want to be practical and far-sighted. Some Virgos will be content to expand your crew or branch out more culturally. Consider hosting a monthly salon or craft night or starting a serious wine group. Even given your eclectic social circle, you might enjoy making some new friends from more varied backgrounds. And if they cook or are musicians, all the better!

Surprisingly strong emotions may throw you through a major loop on Friday, so do your best to stay grounded. A rare, once-a-year confrontation between gentle Venus in your security sector and unruly Uranus in your intense eighth house could lead you to lose your cool or do something regrettable. There’s value in examining what’s underlying any feelings or urges that come up, Virgo. Are there some codependent bonds that needs to be severed? Some unrealistic expectations on a partner or love interest? This is an opportunity to take a self-guided tour of your own emotional landscape. If you encounter anything that you’re not happy about, that’s a great place to start a short-term stint with a therapist or energy healer.

Romance reboot! This Sunday, vixen Venus disentangles from Uranus’ mindboggling web and swings into Scorpio and your third house of self-expression and local action until January 7. You had a sneak preview of this during the love planet’s earlier visit from September 9 to October 31, and now you have a second chance to line things up the way you’d like them. Venus in Scorpio can be a bit intense, but she’s still the buoyant flirt of the universe, and should things get too heavy or extreme, she can always extricate herself (i.e., YOU!). Single Virgos can give themselves an advantage by setting the intention to ease up on their critical tendencies. Give people a fair chance before you blow them off. On the flip side, realize that very few interactions will lead to a lifelong commitment. For couples, keeping the passion alive can be an issue, but make a point of acknowledging—and appreciating—what’s special about your bond, perhaps it’s the comfort and trust you have with each other. During this cycle, do more romantic things together; bonus points if they’re surprising things! Note: Messenger Mercury will retrograde back in Scorpio before turning direct on December 6, so make sure you mean what you say, or your words could come back to haunt you.


As an outgoing air sign, you’re usually as alone as you want to be. But if you’ve been hoping to widen your friend circle or explore some new venues, you could hit the jackpot on both fronts this Monday, November 26. That marks the super-rare conjunction of the luminous Sun and expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and your third house of kindred spirits. This happens once every 12 years, so stop wasting time TALKING about what you want to do and just do it! You could meet like-minded or inspirational folks at every turn; the “trick” is to slow down and be conscious enough that you actually notice them. Pay attention to that “insta-click” feeling you get with some people. After cursory meetings, follow up with deeper conversations or emails. If you’re getting a good vibe, chances are this is someone you could collaborate—or just happily hang—with. With adventurous Jupiter lighting the way, you might stumble on a local group or an activity that fits into, or enhances, your lifestyle. This is a great week to get out more, take chances and definitely talk to strangers—which of course is a status that could change on a dime!

Friday’s starry lineup is a bit less sanguine as your ruler, affectionate Venus, swings into a knotty opposition with disruptive Uranus in your partnership realm. Out of the blue, a relationship could feel like it’s going off the rails. The craziest part is that you’re not even sure why! Under these unpredictable vibes, you probably can’t get a straight answer out of the other person—they might not even know themselves! As challenging as this is for your harmony-seeking sign, there’s not much you can do about it…today. Give it some space, focus on your own interests and enjoy a “forced vacation” from bae or a BFF. This could be a lesson to put yourself first and not be so reactive to other people’s moods and whims.

Sunday turns a new page in your book of love as Venus leaves your sign and sails into lusty Scorpio and your second house of luxe delights until January 7. You had a sneak preview during the amorous planet’s earlier toe-dip into these waters (September 9 to October 31), and now you can dive into them, in earnest. This is your annual invitation to slow the pace of everyday life and revel in your earthly senses. Allowing yourself to downshift isn’t a “cop-out”: By limiting your involvement with outer-world projects, you create more bandwidth to work on your own initiatives. This is also an opportunity to give your body the TLC it’s been craving. Schedule a hot-stone or an aromatherapy massage, facials and other indulgent spa treatments. Romantically, you may be attracted to the professional type who—once you peel off the “career separates”—is really a tiger. Couples can strengthen your bond by making sexytime a priority. Of course you’re exhausted after work, but reconnecting on this level will do wonders for the rest of your union! Note: With messenger Mercury retrograding back in Scorpio on December 1 before turning direct five days later, you might discover some new sides to your beloved!


If Monday, November 26, came with any sound effects, it would be a simple, yet loud, cha-ching! The week begins with an exceedingly rare and super-potent pairing of the confident Sun and lucky Jupiter in your second house of security and finances. Even if you’re not looking, an opportunity could land in your lap that has “big money” written all over it. Your hard-wired outlook might be a cautious one, but Jupiter dials up your comfort with risk, and aligned with the Sun, it gives you a gambler’s instincts. The two planetary powerhouses meet up every year, but they haven’t teamed up in your fiscal corner for 12 years, so this is a special day indeed! Do your sniffing around but then trust your intuition when it comes to making a bold move, whether investing in cryptocurrency or introducing yourself to a bigwig at an industry event. You could make that fateful connection you’ve been hoping for. And, since fortune favors the bold, drink that cup of courage and share your opinions in meetings or at work lunches. Read the tea leaves, though, and find THE perfect time to pipe up. One thing to watch out for: With extravagant Jupiter at the helm, money can slip through your fingers. Don’t grocery-shop when you’re hungry, and definitely steer clear of the designer racks if you’re feeling a little blah. Retail therapy will be tempting, but ultimately unhelpful.

Speaking of blue moods, you might fall into a bit of a funk on Friday without knowing what brought it on. Astrologically speaking, it’s probably owing to the annual clash of mood-regulating Venus in your subconscious sector and wrench-throwing Uranus. Anxiety could rear its ugly head and pull you off-course. What you definitely DON’T want to do is take any escape routes—e.g., bingeing on junk food or overindulging in alcohol or other mind-twisting substances. Since you may need SOME kind of rebalancing agent, try exercise (Uranus is in your health and fitness zone), deep mind-bodywork, like acupuncture, or working with an energy healer. And pay attention to the feelings that come up. There could be powerful messages in them!

Sunday’s stars tell a completely different story as vixen Venus charges out of that internally focused twelfth house and into your sign and house of identity and appearance! You had a sneak preview of this during her earlier visit here (September 9 to October 31), and now you have a chance to pick up where you left off. She’ll ramp up your mojo and make you simply irresistible up until January 7. Sayonara, hiding out in the wings; hello center stage! Since you won’t be able to dodge the spotlight, plan to make the next five weeks about glamming up, upgrading some style choices and being seen on the scene. Single Scorpios will have fun flexing your flirting muscles, but if you’re playing for keeps, don’t be too hard to catch. Give worthy prospects your undivided attention (while being discriminating, of course). Attached? Balance time on your own with uninterrupted hours blissing out in your couple bubble. Note: Messenger Mercury retrogrades back into your sign on December 1 before turning direct five days later, giving you a second chance to correct something you didn’t quite nail the first time.


Oh, happy day! Monday, November 26, could be one of your luckiest days in a long time, Archer, so plan to meet the universe with an open mind AND heart! That’s the only day in 12 years that the generous Sun makes an exact conjunction to your heavenly helper, auspicious Jupiter, in your sign, dangling the prospect of a real-life magic show and inviting you up on the stage to participate. Normally your adventurous sign would leap at the offer, but even you have your moments of cautious deliberation. This is NOT the time to hesitate! If anything, you want to be ready to do something bold and even a little risky—in a calculated way, of course. You’re hosting Jupiter (AKA the galactic gambler) in your sign from November 8, 2018, to December 2, 2019, and this promises to be a time of accelerated growth and transformation. This solar jump-start encourages creative endeavors, friendly self-promotion, and change for change’s sake. There’s nothing wrong with letting people know what you’ve been working on—and presenting it in the best possible light. You don’t have to wait for everyone to catch up to you. Go ahead and give your competitive side a little more rein than usual. This is a day to experiment and push the envelope—and to enjoy the heady rush that comes from winning!

On Friday, your characteristic candor will come in handy, but careful who you unleash it on! Tactful Venus in your social eleventh house swings into an edgy opposition with rebellious Uranus in your theatrical fifth. Someone—and you can probably predict who—is likely to stir up drama and tension and upset the easy flow of interactions. If not them, then you might find yourself not-so-skillfully navigating the line between friend and frenemy or friend and lover—equally dangerous, for different reasons! Stay alert and be clear about your own line in the sand…to them and especially to yourself!

The coast should be clear for a full-blown fantasy starting Sunday, when Venus breaks loose of Uranus’ grip, shimmies out of that noisy social sector and comes in for a soft landing in Scorpio and your wistful twelfth house until January 7. You had a sneak preview of this during the love planet’s earlier foray into these waters (September 9 to October 31), but the retrograde cycle that began on October 5 may have short-circuited your ability to enjoy the more delightful aspects of this transit. (And maybe even churned up a few nightmarish scenarios involving energy vampires!) Good news! Now you have a chance to dive back into these deep waters and do so with gusto! You won’t need any rose-colored glasses to dial up the dreamy vibes and imagine a “happy-ever-after” ending. This is a cycle that actually encourages you to blur the boundaries and play romantic explorer with a love interest—or to conjure one! But even as your idealism is up, your defenses will be down, which could leave you susceptible to smooth talkers—so watch for those bright-crimson flags. Attached? You might want to hang a metaphoric (or maybe an actual) Do Not Disturb sign on your couple bubble for the duration, as you may have eyes only for each other. All Archers should pay more attention to their dreams, both nocturnal and diurnal, as they can contain some meaningful messages.


Ready to finally kick that habit, do some “forgiveness work” or walk away from a toxic relationship? The countdown culminates in action on Monday, November 26, as philosophical Jupiter mind-melds with the wise Sun in Sagittarius and your twelfth house of release, transitions and healing. Your sign takes duty and responsibility very much to heart, but you’ve been feeling for a while that something isn’t working or that you’ve outgrown something that used to be meaningful. (Keywords: “used to be.”) Whether this is a relationship, a habit or limiting belief system, you know in your heart of hearts that it’s holding you back from taking a big step forward. But sticking it out isn’t helping anyone, and Monday’s uplifting alignment can give you the jolt you need to make your move. Tap into a deeper-than-you-realize well of courage and compassion and rip that Band-Aid! Say sayonara with love and gratitude, taking a moment to acknowledge all the ways you benefited from this. While you’re in “out with the old” mode, how about doing it on a literal, physical level? This is a good day to tear into a major decluttering mission, starting with excessive and outdated papers and books, working your way up to the “final frontier,” whether that’s your closets, garage or storage unit. And when you’re done, enjoy the internal spaciousness you feel being in a spare, Zen environment. This might become your new look!

Just when you’re really getting into a groove, agreeable Venus in your professional realm slams into unpredictable Uranus in your domestic fourth house. This could stir up drama and tension in both camps, and you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. While there are certain things you can do to appease the family member or roommate AND your boss or colleague, you probably can’t make everyone happy. Take that as a clear message to stop trying! Weigh the pros and cons of both sides, then do your strategic Capricorn best to find a happy medium.

Fortunately, the tension should be completely dissipated by Sunday, when Venus clocks out of your career corner and zips into Scorpio and your collaborative eleventh house. You’ll be happy to wave goodbye to that “all work and no play” tunnel vision and enjoy the festive holiday season. You had a sneak preview of this during Venus’ earlier visit to this zone (September 9 to October 31), but this time, you’ll throw yourself in more intensely. Make up for lost time by prioritizing social activities and engaging in charitable or goodwill initiatives. You’ll be happiest with your closest peeps, though you could meet some inspiring new folks through mutual friends and organizations. Single Goats: Your romantic preferences could take a totally different turn during this game-changing cycle. Look beneath the surface and get to know people’s true dispositions (especially ones you meet online, which is more likely with Venus lighting up your tech zone). Attached? Resolve to not sweat the petty stuff and to find the humor in every situation. Make dates to see live music, go to comedy clubs, join a pub trivia league. And mix it up with your various friends. Note: With messenger Mercury retrograding back into Scorpio on December 1 before turning direct five days later, you can talk through any misunderstandings without getting too heavy.


And you thought Team Aquarius couldn’t get any bigger or better! Your social life is about to blow up as the magnetic Sun merges with expansive Jupiter in your eleventh house of community, teamwork and technology on Monday, November 26. These two heavenly heavyweights align once a year, but they haven’t met up in this zone for 12 years! It’s extra-special for you as a people-oriented air sign—AND because the eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius, you’ll really be in your element! So how to stretch and grow when “the more’s the merrier” is your motto? While there’s not room for everyone to be your BFF, there’s probably a seat for them at your table. You’ll be more motivated than ever to open the red velvet ropes for intriguing strangers, or just friends of friends of mutual friends. When you’re not busy playing superconnector, you could pop into someone else’s crew. Say yes to all invitations that are even moderately appealing, especially during Monday’s exact Sun-Jupiter confab. It could bring an auspicious meetup with your soul tribe or the very person you’ve been trying to connect with. Since the eleventh house is your tech sector, reach out to someone you admire on social media or redesign one of your own feeds. Single Aquarians could have surprisingly good luck in the “swiping” department, so leave your cynicism at the door—for your own sake!

It might be hard to bite your tongue on Friday, when tactful Venus in your candid ninth house faces off with rebellious Uranus in your communication sector. It’s not that you’re TRYING to put someone in their place; it’s just that when people unleash ignorant, hateful rants, it’s impossible for you—the humanitarian of the zodiac—to sit back and not respond. And should someone try to manipulate or abuse a marginalized person, well, fuggetaboutit! Let your audience modulate your intensity. And make sure you’re only responding to someone else’s inappropriateness, not starting something!

Not only will that moment have passed into near obscurity by Sunday, but that day, creatrix Venus parades into Scorpio and your tenth house of career ambition and success until January 7. You had a sneak preview of this during an earlier visit (September 9 to October 31), and now you can pick up where you left off. Strengthen your professional ties by working with some innovative folks on a meaningful project and positioning yourself for the job you want to be doing in 2019! Over these next five weeks, pour a little “special sauce” on everything you touch. You won’t need to toot your own horn; others will be happy to do it for you! During this high-octane transit, get clear on your next set of goals because you’ll be in major manifesting mode! If you’re not 100 percent sure, sit in some mastermind meetings or watch some TED talks or YouTube videos for inspiration. Surround yourself with high-minded people who might be able to make some connections. Note: With messenger Mercury retrograding back into Scorpio on December 1 before turning direct five days later, you could get a second chance at an opportunity that didn’t pan out earlier. This time, bring your A-plus game!


VIP status: incoming! This Monday, November 26, is an unmistakably magical day as the radiant Sun tag-teams with your co-ruler, abundant Jupiter, in expansive Sagittarius and your tenth house of career ambition and success. This courageous conjunction only happens once a year—and it only takes place in your professional sector every 12 years! But don’t uncork the champagne and kick back just yet. What finishing touches do you need to apply; what social media outreach still needs to be done to let people know about your coup? For some Pisces, this mashup might bring an amazing opportunity or good news totally out of the blue, so don’t let those unfamiliar numbers go to voicemail. If you’ve been contemplating a major move, this merger nudges you to take a bold yet calculated risk. (And don’t stick your head in the sand. You need to be aware of all possible negative consequences. That’s why it’s called a “gamble.”) Lady Luck may be leading your parade, but you know the formula for success: fortune meets preparedness. Do your bit by clarifying your 2019 goals and having a clear vision of where you’d like to be a year from now. If you’re not sure—which is fine—do some research, talk to mentors and people who’ve done what you’re interested in… and when you think you see an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity!

You might want to leave your credit cards at home on Friday. An uneasy opposition of luxury-loving Venus and unpredictable Uranus across your financial axis could tempt you to spend with abandon. It’s second nature for your fashionista sign to have momentary amnesia about your budget in the face of beautiful store windows and 20% off emails from your favorite boutique, so take preventive measures. Resist your colleague’s offer to tag along on a designer sample sale. Don’t join your friends for an extravagant lunch at that trendy but wildly overpriced bistro. You might feel a touch of retail FOMO in the moment, but when your holiday credit card bills come in—and you actually have the funds to pay them in full—you’ll be grateful for your restraint.

Your love life gets an upgrade this Sunday as vixen Venus leaves your house of intense emotions and sprawls into Scorpio and your adventurous, candid ninth house until January 7. You had a sneak preview of this expansiveness when the cosmic siren paid a preliminary visit from September 9 to October 31, and now you’ll have a chance to really flap your free-bird wings! While some Pisces may indeed test the outer limits, by no means does this cycle suggest you’ll upend any committed relationships or go 50 shades of anything you don’t want to. This is an opportunity to explore new ways of interacting, dating and communicating with lovers. For single Fish, travel can be both mind-blowing AND amorous. It’s a question of setting intentions and staying open to what you reel in. In general, you’ll feel freer and more supported in expressing yourself more authentically than you’re used to doing. Fortunately, tactful Venus will guide you to speak and act with compassion. (You’re not a Pisces for nothing!) Note: Messenger Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio on December 1 before turning direct five days later, so if there’s something you’ve been meaning to get off your chest, it’s probably best to rehearse your speech a few times to ensure diplomatic delivery.

Source: Astrostyle