Black Walls Are The Latest Decorating Trend & We Are Loving It

White walls seem to be a designer secret weapon: they open up rooms of all sizes (make small rooms seem larger, large rooms appear…even airier) and look incredibly crisp and cool; plus, it’s easy to match your room’s decor to the snowy hue (because, well, white goes with everything). You know what other color is just as easy to work with (even if you might not think so at first glance)? Hint: It’s the complete opposite of white.

There was a time when black walls were mostly the purview of goth teens and indie movie theaters. But the color has been quietly cultivating a broader following among designers and homeowners who want a cozy, enveloping ambiance that’s still got theatrical flair.

Black may not be a color that you’d immediately jump to when picking out a paint shade, but we’d love to help you reconsider. We get that it seems much trickier to handle, but we promise it’s not. Check out these pictures to see how easy it is to make it work.