Black Walls Are The Latest Decorating Trend & It’s Seriously Stunning

It seems as though the color white, especially when used on walls, is and always has been an interior designers secret weapon. White walls are so versatile they quickly became a favorite in homes. They open up spaces of all sizes (by making small rooms appear larger and larger rooms appear airier) are crisp and cool and make matching the decor in your home a whole lot easier.

With that being said, there is a new color trend taking the interior design world by storm and funny enough its the complete opposite of white. Black is the new white and guess what, it looks divine in a home space and is surprisingly just as easy to color pair, it also gives any space a cozy, sleek and edgy look and feel to it.

Now we get that black may not be the color you’d automatically pick when choosing what colors to decorate your home with however, we would like you to reconsider. We’ve added some pictures below to help you see how versatile black can be in a living space and how easy it is to work with.

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