Are You An Alpha Woman, Or Just A Beta or Omega Female?

Women are hardly as simple as some people might think they have them pegged to be. In a lot of cases, men judge women on their surface level qualities. In the traditional sense, they judge a book by its cover. However, women are so much more complicated than that (and in the best way possible). Like anyone else, they’re layered. But how exactly do you break down those layers? As it turns out, the easiest way is to separate women into three parts: alphas, betas or omegas. If you’re an alpha woman, you’ll know, and so on and so forth. So, let’s figure out. Keep reading to discover if you are an alpha woman, or just a beta or omega female.

Types of women. There is hardly one single type of women. However, aside from specific, unique qualities that every individual woman has, you can break the entire female gender up into three parts. You’ve got your alphas, you’ve got your betas and you’ve got your omegas. However, how exactly do you tell apart one from the other?

The Alpha. When you’re an alpha woman, it’s pretty obvious — not just to you, but to everyone in your company. You’re the kind of woman who always manages to come out on top, simply because you never take “no” for an answer. You always figure out a way to keep yourself elevated above the competition.

Attention. Due to your ability to stay elevated, eyes are usually always on you, and that’s the way you like it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be the center of attention, though; you just prefer knowing that you’re not the runt of the pack, so to speak. Relevancy is key because relevancy is, in some cases, survival.

Competition. Now, the alpha woman doesn’t always win, necessarily, but she makes sure that winning is the main goal. She doesn’t settle, whether it’s with work, lovers, friends… She’s always on top of her game, and as a result, she’s usually satisfied with her decisions. With that being said, there are sometimes downsides to this type of trait.

The downsides of the alpha woman. As an alpha, your goals are so high, that they can sometimes become impossible to reach at times. You can’t win every time, so when you lose, the fall affects you more so than others. It’s like coming down from a steep high any time something doesn’t work out the way you planned.

The Beta. When you’re a beta woman, you very much want to be an alpha, but you simply don’t see it in yourself. Due to this being the case, you’re often playing defense. Instead of feeling naturally entitled to things, like the alpha woman, you always feel as though you’re battling the odds to gain some balanced footing with everyone else.

Constant compensation. As a beta woman, you constantly find yourself compensating for what you consider to be drawbacks. As a result, you often come off high-strung or even intimidating. Not everyone sees what you see in yourself, so they sometimes even assume that you’re a bit aggressive for no reason at all.

A dominant woman. What’s frustrating about being a beta woman is that you have all the traits of an alpha, but very little of the confidence to keep you on that level. You’re always fighting against the current, frustrated that things don’t come as easily to you as they do to others, and it sometimes make you bitter.

The Omega. When you’re an omega woman, you’re sort of a natural healer — and that can mean a hell of a lot of things. No, this doesn’t mean you’re necessarily making people feel physically fit; it just means that you’re more sensitive to other people’s feelings, and as a result, you can empathize with people on a deeper level than most people.

A weakness. Now, even though there is that benefit to being an omega woman, there are more weaknesses than anything else. Due to being immensely sensitive, the benefits only go so far. At its worst, this trait often makes you feel secondary to everyone else, and you’re giving far much more than you’re taking.

A submissive mentality. Since the omega woman puts so much effort into other people’s lives, she’s often left feeling ignored and, in some cases, ultimately defeated. She’s giving off all of her emotional sustenance to others, and as a result, she’s not getting enough for herself, leaving her emotionally weakened and sometimes even physically drained.

Finding your trait. Between these three traits, there is something for every woman. With that being said, just because you may connect with one trait over the other doesn’t mean that you’re rooted in those qualities for the rest of your life. They’re more potent for some women over others, and some women — like you, perhaps — are much more neutral.

Changing traits. As we grow and develop, we change. Not just physically, but emotionally, as well. So, if you were more of an omega when you were a young girl, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the same as an adult. These traits are reliant on how we mature. Some women may stay the same, but that’s not necessarily the case for you.

Other people’s perspectives. Whether you like it or not, people will have opinions of you. This is how the human race determines what sort of company they want to keep. However, what people see is not always going to be what you feel. So, if you don’t feel quite as strong as some other woman, fake it till you make it. Project that side of you that you want, and before you know it, you’ll find that you have the ability to manifest these qualities and become the person you want to be.


via Rebel Circus