Apparently, You Can Buy A Baby Mop-Onesie On Amazon

The world is overflowing with the most hilarious and outrageous things you can buy online. Inflatable zipper hoody, bread-shaped pillow, pizza blanket – you name it. The vast world of the Internet is here to give you all of it. Of course, these ideas are not something really that outrageous or rule-bending. But if that was indeed too mellow for you, we have something for you here that the good people of the Internet just can’t wrap their heads around.

The German company “Babymop” advertises their product, explaining it’s a perfect way to utilize your child’s mobility to help out with daily chores, while also protecting “the fine tissue and the tender bones of your offspring while it cleans your floor.”

It’s supposed to fit toddlers from 8 to 12 months of age since that’s the time when they crawl the most. But Amazon actually has options for 3-to-6-months-olds and 6-to-9-months-olds as well so you can make use of your baby rolling around on the floor at all times.

While some people might even take this seriously and advocate it is important to allow even the smallest members of the family to learn the importance of cleaning up and doing chores, most of them found it hilarious and took it even further by making hilarious reviews.

More info: BabyMop