The Animal You See First Reveals Your True Personality

Take a look at the photo below.  What animal do you see first?  As soon as you have an answer, scroll down for an analysis of your personality!  Our choices often speak volumes about who we are as people.  And animals often have personalities all on their own.

The animal you choose likely has similar qualities to you!

What animal do you see first in the photo below?


If you saw the dove first, you likely have a pure and peaceful soul. You have a strong connection with people–you inspire them. And you value those around you more than material possessions.


If you saw the butterfly first, you might have a hedonistic personality. You want to experience every pleasure life has to offer and want to waste no time waiting to do it all. Small talk is too much of a chore for you to take part in it. As time is a precious commodity, you hate the idea of it being wasted on something that bores or doesn’t interest you.


Adventurous is the soul who saw first the falcon! You are a classic overachiever, and won’t be satisfied until you are soaring high above your peers and colleagues. Confidence and pride in who are are your greatest strengths. You can’t stand the thought of anyone holding you back, and you likely won’t put up with such behavior for long.

4. DOG

Dogs have long been a symbol for loyalty. You are likely a selfless, loyal person, always putting the needs of others before your own. While this is an admirable trait, it comes at a price. Always doing for others takes a toll on you, but take heart, you are appreciated!


Did you see the wolf first? You likely value privacy. You are picky when it comes to choosing your friends, as you have learned not to trust too many people with the real you. Chances are, you have a small but close circle of friends that you trust with some of the more intimate details of your life.


If the mantis is what you saw first, you probably hate small talk and prefer to spend your time alone. That being said, while you’re more of a loner, when you’re forced to socialize, you do get along well with others. Your intelligence is one of your greatest strengths. If need be, you can use this strength to manipulate the environment around you to suit your needs.


If the animal that stood out to you the most was the crab, you are probably a stubborn individual. You’ve built walls and you cling to your comfort zone. However, you occasionally leave your protective bubble, and when you do, you won’t return to it until you’ve completed what you’ve set out to do. You can come off as abrasive to those who try to peek in to the depths of your personality.


If you saw the horse first, you value freedom. You have the mindset that you can do whatever you want, but you’re also generous. More often than not, you use your freedom to benefit the lives of others. You enjoy doing for others and will work tireless towards making others happy.

9. HEN

Did you see the hen first? You’re a homebody, hands down! You enjoy just puttering around your house, decorating, organizing, or otherwise making it your haven. Good luck to anyone who wants to get you out of your comfort zone!


via David Wolfe