Animal Photo Panorama Fails That Are So Bad They’re Good

Who doesn’t love a good panoramic shot – this phone technology is perfect for capturing gorgeous meadows, hilltops or colorful deserts. Still landscapes can be captured with ease at just a touch of a button and scan with a steady hand – but what happens when you want to photograph an object that has a little bit more trouble sitting still – like your precious pets – well, you end up with a creature that has eight legs, two heads, and six tails!

It turns out that there are tons of panoramic pictures of these ‘mythical’ animals all over the internet- from limo horses to Cerberus dogs and multiple-legged cats, this photo technology seems to have no mercy when it comes to eerily disfiguring our beloved pets. Of course, without any fault of these innocent animals who just cannot seem to hold a pose or want to photobomb.

In the list below compiled by Bored Panda, you’ll find the greatest panoramic pictures of animals. Each one of these funny fails is so unique that even the greatest imagination couldn’t fathom these kooky beasts. So, sit back, relax, warm up those abdominal muscles and get ready for some hearty laughs.

1 Don’t Worry Your Dog Could Have Been Like Mine

2 Panorama Doggo Gone Wrong

3 When Panorama Goes Wrong

4 Duck Limo Service, Anyone?

5 My Buddy Tried To Photograph His Dog In Panoramic Mode

6 When The Panorama Option Makes Your Dogs Look Like Sonic The Hedgehog

7 Cats Have Adapted To Living In The Desert

8 Kangaroo Dog In Full Flight

9 Mum Can’t Stop Laughing. Dad Must Have Pulled A Funny Face Or Something

10 That’s A Long Snout

11 Giraffe Walking While I Was Taking A Panoramic Photo

12 Poor Kitty

13 I’m Never Drinking Again

14 Ayllon’s Sheeps Are Different. So Different

15 When You Are Trying To Take Pictures Of Your House And Your Six Legged Cat Shows Up

16 Panorama Fail

17 Pano Of My New Backyard When My Dog Decided To Run Through It

18 Split Kitty

19 New Species?

20 Panorama Of A Dog Goes Terribly Wrong

21 The Dog Became Psychedelic

22 He Never Barks

23 Ermegerd, Ma Derg

24 When I Tried To Take A Panorama Of A Horse

25 Really Long Tail

26 I Hear Everything

27 Google Assistant Seemed Oddly Excited About This Panorama That It Created For Me

28 Three Times The Happiness

29 My Dog Is… One Head Short Of Cerberus

30 Meet Milo, My 11-Headed Dog