Amazon is Selling a Garden Dome Igloo So You Can “Glamp” in Your Backyard

Hope Raubenheimer

I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say humans love nature. We find healing in the fresh air and being connected to plants.

These days the new trend is “glamping” – it’s camping… but with a fancy twist. Glamping trips can be hellishly expensive as they include all the amenities which make the whole ordeal feel like you’ve been treated to some 5-star resort – luscious.

If glamping is out of your budget, do not fret, as Amazon has released for sale to the public these fascinating geodesic domes which are easy to self-assemble so you can take your own “glamping” experience to your desired location… maybe even just in your back yard!

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Posted by Man Cave on Saturday, 9 May 2020

Geodesic domes are extremely efficient hemispherical structures that have been proven to withstand strong weather conditions. Not only does it provide shelter with aesthetic appeal, but it also serves as a greenhouse that will make your plant babies happy all-year-round.

A customer stated: “We bought one after we went to the Watergate hotel and rented one of their igloos for the evening. Last year, we set it up in our front yard in DC and this year, we just moved it to our backyard in Williamsburg. The set-up is a little time consuming the first time, maybe less than 2 hours. The second time, it was less than 30 minutes. We absolutely love it for the winter.”

The garden igloo 360 domeAmazon link here >>

Posted by Man Cave on Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Posted by MakanLena on Monday, 24 June 2019

These clear igloos are safe to leave up all-year-round, which means they’re perfect to use in the wintery months to allow you to get outside and stay cozy. It needs 40% less heat than the average greenhouse because of its geodesic shape.

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