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Africa Is Splitting In Two And It’s Happening Quicker Than We Thought

Good news, everyone. As well as being torn apart by political factions, the divide between rich and poor, and arguments about which football team is the best, the Earth is quite literally being torn apart right down the middle.

Eastern Africa has seen enough of the rest of Africa and has decided it’s off. A huge geological rift has opened up down the side of the continent and will eventually be filled with ocean creating a new island version of East Africa.

 It’s happening quicker than anyone thought as well – although it’s worth pointing out that when we say ‘quick’ we are talking in geological terms, which means within a few million years.

Whilst it’s unlikely to suddenly break off and fall into the Indian Ocean next Thursday, it is already causing consequences.

A big road in Kenya – known as the Mai Mahiu road – has already cracked and caved in under the pressure.

Geologists thinks it is all down to volcanic activity. Specifically, a Superplume.

 “Super-what?” I hear you ask.

All you need to know is that a load of heat is transferred from the Earth’s core up through the mantle (writhing mass of sort of liquid rock below the crust) and that heat is causing the plates to separate.

Geologist David Ahede told TV station NTV: “The Great Rift splits Africa into two plates.

“With what is happening we have established one plate which is the Somali plate is moving away from the other plate at a rate of 2.5cm.

“In the near future if this happens we shall have the Somali plate separating from the other Nubian plate.”

On top of all of this, a whole load of flood water spilled in there once the road cracked up. This only made things worse. More cracks developed and are continuing to develop.

He continued: “There is a great need for researchers to conduct a comprehensive study on the terrain of this region so that they can advise on where roads and residential buildings can be established.

“This can play a key role in dealing with such natural disasters should they happen.”

So, in summary, the Somali plate and the Nubian plate are moving away from each other at a rate of a few millimetres per year. This doesn’t seem much now, but in a few million years we’ll be really starting to notice it.

Better get cracking on that comprehensive study. Sounds like a race against time.

by Tom Wood

Source: Ladbible