8 Things About Deep Women That Most Men Can’t Keep Up With

We live in the 21st century yet shamefully, the stigma around strong women still very much exists. Traditionally-minded men are intimidated by those smart, independent women who are dominant in their relationships. Unsettling to most men, women who are of a liberated nature take center stage.

Men lacking confidence in their own personal capacities cower at the sight of an intelligent, classy woman, and this is by no fault of their own. Society simply needs to learn to adjust to her. This is the rise of an age of the new woman, one who is just as smart as she is opportunistic in her search for success.

Strong women need to be patient when it comes to love. Equally, they deserve the same high-class natured man and this doesn’t come easily. These men are rare to find.

What’s the real reason these women repel weak men? We’ve compiled the traits weak men just cannot keep up with:

They Are Brutally Honest

Deep women are never shy about expressing themselves. She is profound and well educated, able to mold well-rounded opinions on just about everything. Often, men are on the receiving end of her criticism and their egos may take a huge knock in the process, unable to handle her for her utmost almost brutal honesty.

You cannot fool her

Men be warned – you cannot pull a fast one on a deep woman, she will see right through your intentions. Being meditative, she’s constantly reflecting on her surroundings and knows when she’s the one being played. Don’t even try to belittle her with lies and deceit because she will never stand to be the gullible victim.

Deep women only invest in serious relationships

Yes, they take everything seriously – when a deep woman finds herself in a relationship, she sees a future. Hook-ups and flings just aren’t on her cards. She invests emotionally, so why waste her time? She seeks a man just as serious, who’s ready to settle down, so if you’re looking for cheap hook-ups, look elsewhere!

She seeks an emotional and mental connection with her partner – many men just don’t live up to her standards. A hardworking man who is driven by his goals is super attractive to a deep woman. If he has no real goals, he’s simply out of the question.

She’s too intense for weak men

When it comes to a deep woman, everything is intensified. Her thoughts and opinions are hard-hitting which can be a turn off to the majority of men out there. Sometimes assumed to be overbearing and overwhelming to most, people shy away from  dating her.

Deep women aren’t shy of intimacy

Deep women are very much in touch with their emotions. Confidently expressing herself in intimate matters, many men tend to feel uncomfortable and those men just aren’t cut out for her.

A deep woman is very passionate

Passionate about everything she does, her heart and soul go into everything she does. This is because she values everything with the utmost of importance. Uninterested in activities of little value, you can be sure that the things she invests in are super important to her. This can be off putting to some men.

She comes across as impatient

She’s not going to waste her time running around behind her man, picking up after him. She’s not into the type of man who needs babying and she will never put her life on hold to allow him to catch up with her.

She asks difficult questions 

Being faced with difficult questions may be daunting to most men and for the most part, she may confront him often like this. If he’s unable to take the heat, he shouldn’t bother trying.