8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Be with a Female Empath

If you are a female empath, then you probably know that love for you can be hard to find. And some people cannot handle a female empath as a partner. Why? Because being in a relationship with an empath can be hard.

It doesn’t mean that is impossible to be in a relationship with such empath, but it means that you need to work on that relationship.

Empaths want to be loved and to love deeply, they are entirely aware just how powerful a real love can be, and they want that and nothing less.

So, if they are so committed to loving why man avoid female empaths? Below you will see a few reasons why this happens. Empaths are full of emotions, and for some people, this is just too much to handle.

8 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Stay with the Female Empath

#1 Female Empaths Are More Independent Then the Rest

When it comes to female empaths, they don’t depend too much on their partners. They want to do things themselves. These women are more independent then most people and that is why their partners might feel useless from time to time.

#2 They Are Just Too Honest

Female empaths will never sugar coat things with their partner. They are open and honest no matter the circumstances, and although most people say that they like to hear it, still they avoid the truth.

Some partners cannot handle the truth.

#3 They Might Have Issues with Intimacy

The female empaths come with many emotions, and this is why many of her relationships end. Due to this, she might be guarded, and if this doesn’t change with time, the relationship might fail.

A female empath is not open at the beginning, and this might shake things.

#4 Being In a Relationship with Female Empath Might Be Intense

This relationship isn’t simple. The relationship comes with intense energy, and this is not something most people can handle.

This is not something that might be worked through. If a man cannot face this energy from the start, then most probably it won’t work.

#5 Female Empaths Are More Persistent Than Rest

You should know that a female empath is not going to back down, no matter what. When female empaths want or need something, they are not going to let go until they reach their goal.

They want to have things under control and ensure that everything is as planned. This can be hard for some men since they might like to be the ones in control.

#6 They Don’t Like to Be Caged

This type of woman cannot be saved or fixed. You can’t protect female empaths from who they are. They need to overcome the pain which arises due to the fact of being an empath on their own.

They need to learn how to control this gift on their own. Don’t try to change them, cause all you are going to do with that is lose them.

#7 They Can See Through Your Words

One thing is sure for female empaths they can see right through you. They will always know what you think of them and how you see them. If you intend to hurt them, they will know.

#8 With an Empath, It’s All or Nothing

They will never be with someone that doesn’t try. She will be completely and entirely with you, or she won’t bother with you at all. When it comes to a female empath, there is nothing in-between. It is all or nothing.

Source: Gottadotherightthing