7 Signs Of Synchronicity That You Should Pay Attention To

Synchronicities always happen for some reason. They’re not just coincidences that should be ignored. Synchronicities are a way the universe communicates with us, a sign of guidance and they are all about sending a message.

Psychologist Carl Jung used this term to express the concept of a non-causal connection of 2 or multiple physical or psychic phenomena. Although we might not fully understand these phenomena, synchronicity is a way the universe is saying yes to us.

Synchronicity is all about being there at the right place and at the right moment. And since everything is inter-connected, when you wish for something or you just feel that something is tuned with the same frequency of the thing, the universe connects all elements together. It’s almost like some kind of magnetic pull – this is what we call synchronicity.

Today we are going to reveal some of the common signals you shouldn’t ignore that show that synchronicity is happening in your lives.

7 signs of synchronicity that you should not ignore:

You’ve thought about someone you haven’t heard of or seen in years. And suddenly you receive a phone call or a random text or email from this person showing their renewed appearance in your life.

When you are dealing with an issue, you unexpectedly run into something or someone who gives out the solution to the problem. It’s like they appeared right on time to help you with your needs and problems.

When you are watching a TV show or a movie, you get the feeling as if you’re watching your life unfold before your eyes. And you get some valuable insights that weren’t present before the movie or TV show.

It occurred to you more than once to meet a stranger who randomly started talking to you about some problem you are having.And from such conversations, you were guided how to find the right solutions to your problems.

The universe somehow manages to bring you to people who are knowledgeable about something that you’re working on at that moment. That’s a sign from the universe that those people might help you out.

When you aren’t at your best or you just need to hear some inspiring and motivating words to lift your spirits up, inspiring people or things appear out the nowhere. This can also include so inspiring lyrics you’ve heard randomly on the radio or just random words of wisdom you read in some magazine.

You always seem to notice recurrent numbers such as 333, 555, 777, 999, or 222. Depending on the numbers you keep noticing you should try to find out what message these numbers carry.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in this phenomenon known as synchronicity, you can still enjoy the signs by tuning it in to yourself and looking for them. Who knows, you may be surprised how strange the universe and your mind work.

Source: Off-Road Mind