7 Riddles To Test How Sharp Your Brain Is

Just as exercises are good and needed for human body, brain teasers are needed for our brain. By solving these brain teasers we stimulate our mind to think out of the box and it gives us an opportunity to have fun while learning something new as well.

You should have a good eyesight and observation skills for solving these riddles, let us try to solve these riddles:

1 Move only one matchstick

The diagram shows that with the help of matchsticks, a mathematical calculation is being done; the calculation is pretty simple as it says 9-3 = 6. However, now you have to make another correct mathematical equation but one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you can move only one matchstick.


We hope that you would have solved it comfortably as it is quite easy. However if still you haven’t solved it than let us tell you that you need to convert 9 into 3 and change the sign of subtraction to addition, the new equation will be 3+3 = 6.

Another solution is to move one matchstick from the number 6 in such a manner that it looks like 5 and add it to number 9 so that it looks like number 8. The new mathematical equation will be 8-3 = 5.

2 Can you find the value of strawberry?

Do you like to eat fruits, then you may feel hungry while solving this riddle. You have to find the value of various fruits and using the results, you need to calculate the value of strawberry. It may look like a complex riddle but in reality it is a simple mathematical calculation.


The value of apple is 4, which means pineapple’s value is 5. After applying BODMAS rule, the value of grapes comes out to be 24 and with a little calculation, the value of orange comes out to 39. In the final calculation, it becomes quite easy to find out that the value of strawberry is 15.

3 Can you solve this simple equation?

This seems to be a pretty simple mathematical equation; however there will be many people who won’t be able to solve this simple equation because it has to be done keeping in mind a very basic rule of mathematics. If you know that rule and you calculate as per that rule then you will definitely be able to find out the right answer.


The correct answer is 50 and if you are not able to find out the right answer than let us tell you that you need to follow the rule of BODMAS for solving this equation. In BODMAS, B stands for bracket, O is for Of, D is from divide, M is for multiplication, A is for addition and S stands for subtraction.

4 You need to focus if you want to solve this magic triangle:

Solving this problem is not very difficult but you need to focus a little on this magic triangle to find the solution. In this problem, you need to place the numbers from the square box on the lines of triangle in such a manner that the total of each side is 17.


You need to do a little bit of addition and subtraction before placing the numbers and here is the solution to the problem. You can check also that the total of each side is 17 and no number has been used twice in the solution. It may take some time to get solved but it’s quite entertaining, what do you say?

5 This is a tricky one:

This seems to be quite easy to solve but it is a tricky one as there are many squares in the figure and a person can get confused while counting the squares. But you should give it a try as it will check your mental alertness and presence of mind.


The answer is 40, it is quite difficult and tricky to count the squares as multiple squares are being formed inside one big square. However, if you keep writing the number while counting the squares then it may be a little easy to find the solution.

6 Quite an easy one:

If you want to solve this problem, you need to take a very simple approach and find out the value of each alphabet. After you find out the value of each alphabet, it won’t be difficult to calculate the value of word, GIRAFFE. Can you solve this one?


The answer is 14 as each alphabet is given the value of 2. So by simple calculation, GIRAFFE has seven alphabets and after multiplying 7 by 2, the answer comes as 14. As we said earlier, those who would have kept simple approach would have solved this equation.

7 What mathematical operations need to be carried out?

In this problem, you need to calculate less but you need to find out what mathematical operations need to be carried out to get the desired result. There are three columns, each has four rows. Take each column separately; the first three numbers are part of the mathematical equation while the fourth one is the answer. The first two columns are solved and you need to find out the answer of the third one.


It may be a little tricky but by following the rule of BODMAS and by doing some trials of mathematical operations, it is possible to get the results quite easily. So were you able to find out the solution of this problem or not, here is the answer if you weren’t.


Question: What is the smallest number that increases by 12 when it is flipped and turned upside down?

Any guesses, well the answer to this question is 86. When it is flipped it becomes 98, which is 12 more than 86. Isn’t it interesting?

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