7 Reasons Why It’s Just So Hard To Find A Quality Guy

Have you noticed just how difficult it is to find a guy worth keeping, or who actually WANTS to be in a committed relationship?


New Age Dating = Casual Hookups

Why bother with a real relationship when it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to just keep it casual nowadays? With modern dating apps actually encouraging casual flings, can we really blame them for taking the easy way out? Many of these men really are good guys, but social norms have taken the pressure off having to commit. It seems many just really are not ready for committed relationships.

There’s Just No pressure To Get Married

Many men today just could not care less about tying the knot. This is just a modern reality. But for many woman, that dream wedding has been in the back of their minds for years. Sadly, if you happen to be someone with more traditional values but the guy you are with has a more modern approach, it often leads to a break up rather than wedding bells.

Men Have So Many Options – And Want To Try Them All

Honestly, with so much on the menu to choose from, why not just try a bit of everything? This is the mentality of so many guys today. Again, social media sites make it really easy to “look around” at what (or who) is on offer.

They Want “Better”

Blinded by shiny new toys, lots of men seem to always think there’s someone better out there, even when they have someone wonderful right in front of them. Guys think they are wasting their time because someone better could be waiting around the corner, and staying in a relationship could prevent them from finding that person. Or maybe it’s just an excuse…

Men Fear Bad-Ass Ladies

Woman today don’t want to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen! Instead, they are independent, strong and opinionated! Of course, this scares a lot of men, as they see you as a threat to their gigantic egos. Their desire to be “the man” is just too strong.

Technology Has “Killed” Normal Interactions

Gone are the days where people actually speak on the phone and meet up for coffee without checking their newsfeed and taking selfies. The thing is, if you happen to be one of the few left who can still hold down a real conversation and make it through a date without checking your phone, finding a match might be a lot harder. Nothing is worse than trying to have a conversation with someone who just doesn’t know how to have one. Sadly that means it’s much harder to really bond with anyone.

They Are Afraid Of Responsibility

So many of the men we meet are just downright immature and afraid of responsibility. They just aren’t prepared to be in a committed relationship and fear all that comes with it. The thought of having to look after someone else’s wants and needs is just too much work. As pathetic as that seems, it’s a reality, they just are not emotionally and mentally ready.

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