6 Steps to Connect More Deeply with Your Partner

Do you have a significant other? Then you probably remember when you first met. Then the magnetic spiritual connection and tantalizing heat between both of you love birds was magical and intense.

If you think about it at that time life felt paradisiacal, bright and invigorating. You probably felt like no one, and nothing else existed but just you two. Now, stop for a second and fast forward 5, 10, 20 or even more years.

Now probably both of you are burdened and tired by your responsibilities. Maybe you have kids, hard jobs, and other concerns to handle.

And suddenly you are in that part of the relationship where you feel as something is lacking, you don’t know what, but you feel it is lacking. Maybe now and then you stop and ask yourself “what went wrong?”

Life has a funny sense of humor to bring us back to reality, and this eventually happens. As duties, demands, obligations, and stresses occur, it might be hard to keep a deep spiritual relationship with our significant other.

But do you understand what spiritual connection is? Read on to find out.

Spiritual Connection – What It Is?
It is a deep affinity felt between 2 individuals. You need to understand that this is a profound closeness which goes beyond shared interests, likes, superficial personality traits and dislikes.

This is about sharing the same fundamental dreams, values, life goals, and beliefs as the other.

Couples that are spiritually connected often share these traits:

Mutual respect
Empathetic listening
Unconditional love
Passionate love making
Gratitude for each other
Meaningful conversations
Open communication
Authentic interaction
This bond is so much more than just playing the role of a couple and so forth. This is actually about meeting a raw and intimate soul level.

The Nature of Love

You need to understand that no relationship stays the same since the nature of life is persistent change. You might be passionately engaged, and then you might be distant. It is vital to remember that it is normal to have such fluctuations in your relationship.

You may even realize that your bond with your partner is actually cyclical. That means that it goes according to a circular pattern of change.

For instance, one period you may share a feeling of isolated distance and then you might share a lot of deep conversation and intimacy.

And this might happen more than once. The same might be said for making love. When it comes to making love, you might go through a period of playful exploration and intense passion then to routinary lovemaking.

This might surprise you, but it is healthy to have such fluctuations. As a matter of fact, not having these changes might be concerning. Why?

Because not having these changes might mean that one of you, or maybe both are clinging to the past and forcing for the relationship to stay a certain way.

But when you think about it, a lack of change and growth might mean stagnation of the relationship. This might happen for many reasons. However the most common are outgrowing the relationship, abuse, and resentment.

Do you know how to make a spiritual connection with your partner? No, don’t worry. You will find out below.

6 Efficient and Straightforward Ways to Make a Spiritual Connection with Your Loved One

Making a spiritual bond with your loved one is not about convincing them into liking what you like and believing what you believe. Also, it is not about changing your loved one.

Remember, both approaches above mentioned might be damaging to your relationship and are one thing – immature. Making this spiritual bond is about deepening the soul contact between both of you.

Having a spiritual bond with your partner is about becoming receptive, vulnerable, open, engaged and attentive to your significant other. Here’s how to do that:

#1 Be Open About How You Feel

Many relationships lack one thing, and that is open communication. What is open communication? It is the capability to express your feelings and thoughts honestly while doing your best not to offend your partner.

When you feel isolated, angry or hurt you need to say that to your partner. Your loved one isn’t capable of reading your mind. Therefore you shouldn’t take that assumption.

The cornerstone of an honest, healthy relationship based on mutual love, caring and respect is openly communicating.

#2 Touch More Often

A vital part of creating a spiritual bond is physical touch. Through touch, there is subtle energy exchanged which is binding, and it helps to make a more profound affinity between both partners.

Physical touch is not only comforting and soothing, but sometimes it can express more than words.

#3 More Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential for all couples. Why? Because it is intimate for both of you. When you give eye contact to your loved one, you are showing them that you are deeply engaged and interested in what they are talking.

This is a sign of respect, and the best way to bond with the soul of your significant other.

#4 Love Yourself

Remember that without genuinely embracing and loving yourself as you indeed are, you will have a hard time to love your significant other unconditionally.

If you don’t love yourself, you will impose endless beliefs, expectations, and demands on them about how they need to act and be.

You need to accept the darkness and light within you and practice self-love in order to deepen the spiritual bond in the relationship.

#5 Have “Us Time” On a Daily Basis

The truth is that sometimes life becomes too busy and sometimes it happens for you not to have the energy to keep the relationship. What you need to do is make time with your partner on a daily basis just to be with them.

Even watching a movie together can be beneficial. Don’t forget to hug, physical touch is vital.

#6 Let Go of the Past

Holding onto wrongdoings and grudges is a surefire way to destroy any relationship. Bear in mind that the more you hold onto this, the more distant and isolated you will feel from your loved one.

In case you tend to hold grudges, what you need to do is make some space only for you so you can let go and forgive. Do it for yourself since it is not healthy to hold on such grudges. If you believe you need closure, talk to your partner about it in a respectful way.

So, what you should do is work on your relationship with your partner in order to be happy. Give love in order to receive love. Love is the greatest gift in the world, and it can be very liberating if you just know how to nurture it.\

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