5 Ways To Be A Healer And Not Just An Empath Who Absorbs Pain

All people emit energy. This energy can be both positive and negative. However, humans do not only emit energy. They can also absorb energy. This ability of absorbing and emitting energy is not equally expressed in all humans.

Those humans who possess empathic traits are more likely to absorb or emit these energy vibrations than others.

Being an empath can be sometimes rather disadvantageous. The reason for this is that empaths recognize the energy of others but since this is not just one vibration but a range of many energies they can become confused and feel in a state of chaos.

Since the absorbing of these energy vibrations can be quite a burden for the empaths, they need to take into consideration the following advice in order to learn how to deal with all these energies in the world.

Firstly, they need to show confidence. They need to believe strongly in themselves and instead of just absorbing energies they need to start emitting their own energy. Next, they need to show independence and thus security. They need to stop striving for pleasing everyone. This tendency is a major obstacle and does not allow them to become healers.

They need to understand that they do not need to focus on everyone thus becoming dependent on them but instead they should decide on letting some people go especially those who do not like them. Furthermore, an important element is optimism.

Empaths need to focus on positivity and get rid of all negative vibrations. By absorbing negative energy they actually absorb pain and thus they feel that pain. They need to try and find a way to see the positive aspects of everything because in that way they will feel better and be able to help the others at the same time.

Finally, empaths need to love themselves and thus make others love themselves as well. By bringing out the strengths and positive sides of others they can make them feel better about themselves. In this way they can also avoid stressful situations and tensions.

They can overcome negative vibes and anxiety just by focusing on themselves and their positivity. Empaths’ role is to heal and therefore, they are not energy sponges but much more than that – they are helpers, supporters and guides.