5 Kinds Of Empaths – Which One Are You?

You really can make the most of your gift by knowing and understand which type of Empath you are. There are 6 types of Empaths we are going to discuss in this article, each with its own unique empathetic abilities.

Physical Empath

This type of empath feels body energy, including pain and sickness. These empaths often become healers, whether in western or alternative medicine. Often times, physical empaths can actually feel awareness in their own bodies when treating another. They also have an ability to see blockages in another’s energy field, so they are better able to treat it and get rid of the blockage.

By choosing a medical profession, the physical empath will really be able to hone in on their abilities to feel others pain as their own, thus helping people in ways others in their field can not. It’s important to remember though, that your own body can take a huge knock, learn to turn your ability off to allow you time to recharge.

Emotional Empath

This is probably the most common type of empath their is. You will know if you are an emotional empath because you can easily pick up and feel the emotions of others. You will quite literally feel these emotions as if they are your own. You may feel incredibly sad when someone else experiencing sadness, or extremely happy when someone else is, even though you really have nothing to feel sad or overjoyed about, yourself!

The tricky part for the emotional empath, is learning to distinguish between the emotions of others and those that are your own. It can become incredibly draining to feel the emotions of others, and your own. These types of empaths often start to feel crazy and end up withdrawing from society because they either don’t realize they have a gift, or they have not learnt how to turn it “off” as needed.

Plant Empath

The green fingered plant guru, this empath knows exactly what plants need, you’ll intuitively know where and how to plant. Plant empaths are actually guided by the trees and plants, and “hear” exactly what they need. It’s highly likely that if you chose a profession in fields such as landscaping or farming, that you are a plant empath.

The great thing for these kinds of empaths, is that they are able to unwind and connect with nature and feel energized, rather than drained, as others empaths do when surrounded by the things that turn their empathetic gifts “on”. The more time you spend in your garden, the stronger your gift will become, and your garden will thrive!

Animal Empath

Do you have a strong connection with animals? These empaths are able to not only feel the pain of animals, but connect telepathically with them, opening a whole new world of communication. Many animal empaths become veterinarian or animal communicators.

If you have not yet found a profession but know that you are an animal empath, try interning or job shadowing some animal related professionals to find where your gift is strongest.

Claircognizant Empath

This type of empath is the one that knows everything about others, just by being around someone, you may be able to instinctively know if they are lying, or you may sense when you will receive a phone call. You are able to read people very easily, not by hearing their thoughts but by picking up on their energy signals.

Make sure you spend your time with people who do not leave a negative impression on you.