3 Signs That You Have Met Someone You Knew In A Past Life

According to the beliefs of the old tribes, souls are not satisfied only with those 70 or 80 years they spend in this world, so they are constantly returning to live through new experiences. The idea that our souls are reincarnated has been around for more than 3,000 years.

Have you ever felt like you know someone for a lifetime, but you actually just saw them for the first time in your life? There is a chance that you knew some people in your past life, without realizing that!

Here are some signs that you’ve met a person you knew in your past life.

You immediately feel connected or rejected by that person

When thinking about the people we have known in our past life, our thoughts, in principle, lead us to our family, friends, or loving partners. Often when you meet someone you have had a relationship with in a past life, you feel a certain kind of relationship with the person. You may feel very comfortable in their company and wish to continue talking to them. But what happens when you meet someone who didn’t like us at all in the past life? You will feel negative emotions towards them, and at the same time you may happen to feel the rejection coming from their side. In both cases, this is a sign that your souls have known each other from before.

You seem to have a telepathic connection with that person

This doesn’t mean that you must have telepathic skills and that you know how to send mental messages to each other. People who were intimate in some past life, whether as friends or lovers, are often telepathically connected. For example, has it ever happened to you to have thought of somebody and then the person called you? Or, you knew what was someone going to tell you before they say anything? Or you received an SMS and you knew who it was before reading it? You may actually have such a deep connection with someone from a past life that is very difficult to explain, but it’s even more difficult to break.

You can see this in their eyes

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and felt stunned? Have you felt that you’ve seen those same eyes multiple times before? If someone’s eyes seem familiar to you, it’s possible that this is because you have already seen them in a past life. The eyes are a feature common to all souls. For example, you may come across someone you don’t know and then look them in their eyes and felt as though you had seen those eyes somewhere, as if you had reached through the depths of that person’s soul? Many people claim that only the eyes remain the same in all our lives and allow us to recognize our spiritual friends from previous lives.