28 Proud Dogs Who Just Graduated From School

Dogs are arguably some of the most trainable animals, they are smart, loyal and love to make their humans happy, and this is the reason why people choose them to undertake extremely important tasks.

There’s no limit to the things our furry friends can learn, and after completing a training they can “get a job” as police dogs, service dogs, medical dogs or rescue dogs.

Most of the people obviously stick to the classic puppy schools or obedience classes, that teach dogs the most diverse skills, from basic behavioral rules to more complicated tasks.

The cutest thing is that most of these schools end the training with a graduation ceremony, complete with graduation caps and diplomas.

Just Something compiled a list of 28 of the cutest images of dogs that just graduated from school, some were A-grade students, while some, according to their owners others weren’t the best of their class, but regardless of their skills, all of them completely won our hearts.

1. “Good boy graduating”

2. “My little Ollie graduated from training class today and I couldn’t be more proud of this very good boy”

3. “My brother’s puppy graduated from puppy school today and he’s pleased as punch.”

4. “She graduated puppy school… She looks so proud of herself!”

5. “Cosmo graduated. He wasn’t a particularly good student.”

6. “I graduated today!”

7. “My dog just graduated from puppy class”

8. “My dog graduated from puppy kindergarten”

9. “My Dog graduated from school… She doesn’t like hats.”

10. “Last night my dog graduated from a beginner obedience class. This morning we found her certificate like this.”

11. “Just graduated from puppy training.”

12. “Thunder proudly graduated last night. He ate his diploma when we got home.”

13. “Otis graduated today”

14. “Finally graduated!”

15. “My dog graduated from puppy school!”

16. “Our dog graduated yesterday with high honors.”

17. “Just graduated!”

18. “Proud doggo!”

19. “My mother’s (deaf) dog graduated obedience training today.”

20. “Bark tutor at puppy school”

21. “Graduated from beginning training class”

22. “My dog graduated from training on Wednesday and honestly I can’t stop looking at how adorable she is”

23. “Milo is officially a therapy dog”

24. “Congratulations!”

25. “Graduated from dog school”

26. “After 6 years, my service dog and I have finally graduated with our undergraduate degree. He’s walked me to my bed when I’m too dizzy, he’s walked me to every class when my legs are weak, and yesterday he walked me across the stage.”

27. “Jay Jay graduating after three years of hard work as my ESA.”

28. “Service dog is getting used to his graduation cap.”

Source: Just Something