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25 Zodiac Combos And What They Say About The Future Of The Relationship

We’ve taken a look at some Zodiac combinations and found what the future might hold for these relationship combos.

While no one can exactly see into the future, your Zodiac sign can definitely give you a glimpse of what’s to come. With the universal shifts throughout the new moons and retrograde, there’s some new energy that’s in the air. Based on your Zodiac sign and that of your partner, we can help figure out the potential future course of your relationship and what’s might be coming your way!

Depending on you and your lover’s sign, you may begin to interact differently as your frequencies change. Don’t forget about all of the shifting energies outside of your relationship that can ultimately have an impact on you both.

Get ready to scroll down in order to get a heads up on what’s to come. Whether positive or negative, remember that the vibes that you give out to your partner can either save your relationship or disrupt it. If you put effort into your relationship, alongside your partner, everything is possible and the both of you can run away into the sunset!

It’s important to take your horoscope into account in order to have a glimpse of what’s ahead, but remember it’s you and your lover who will write the story of your relationship.

Gemini + Libra: The Happiest Of Them All

If there’s anyone who deserves to be happy, it should totally be you. You and your partner are absolutely head over heels for each other, and it’s no wonder since you guys are totally obsessed with each other. You both have wandered through thick and thin together, and so both of you deserve to be endlessly happy.

The Gemini and Libra Zodiac sign are the perfect match sent from heaven. If anyone deserves a powerful relationship that can get through anything, we’re happy you have it. From the ups and the downs, you guys have totally supported one another. Everyone around you could only dream to be in the position that you are in.

Count your blessings, as your relationship is meant to last forever.

And no wonder, you guys totally have an awesome bond that will last forever. Even though your Zodiac signs are meant to support one another, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put work into it. It’s your responsibility to keep supporting one another, as it’s the secret to your long-lasting relationship. While your communication is on point, you could still work on supporting one another through each other’s hopes and endeavors. We guarantee that these steps are what you need to make sure your relationship lasts in the long run.

Scorpio + Sagittarius: The Stubbornness Might Just End It All

While you guys are totally adorable with one another, your stubbornness may just get in the way of the bigger picture. Don’t get us wrong, you two are one of the cutest couples out there! Your partner adores all your cute quirks and cherishes you tremendously. They’re totally doing their part, but maybe you can try a little harder to make stuff happen.

Your stubbornness is the only thing in between you and your boo’s relationship prospering to the next level. Deep down inside, you know this is absolutely true. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture as a whole. A few too many of the issues that come about in your relationship may be majorly influenced by you and your stubborn nature. Try to take a look at their side and see if you could do a little better. Are you simply disagreeing with them in order just to disagree? Are you unable to look at the bigger picture and have your own internal conflicts standing in the way?

Don’t let an old way of thinking hurt the integrity of your relationship. Try to open up to their ideas and try doing things their way once in a while. While you’re absolutely brilliant, don’t let your stubbornness get in the way of the future. And if you’re just convinced that your partner is completely wrong, simply communicate with them to resolve the issue.

Leo + Virgo: Even Out Each Other’s Strength And Weaknesses

While your relationship seems to be sailing smoothly along, there are some things that can be done to guarantee that it goes even better. You two have incredibly powerful Zodiac signs that know exactly what they want and what needs to be done to get it.

You two totally balance each other out, but there’s still work to do. The future of your relationship will depend on you two figuring out how to balance each other’s strengths and weakness out to create a unity.

You both have tremendous things to offer, and it’s your responsibly to figure out how to balance one another.

First, you will have to take some time and figure out what your strengths are and those of your partner. It may seem pretty easy to do so as you’re constantly thinking about your boo’s strengths as they come up pretty often. If you’re stuck as to where you excel in your relationship, ask your partner. Once you figure the strengths out, you’ll be able to see how you and your partner are prospering in your relationship. It’s critical that you two figure out how to balance each other out as it’s the future of your relationship.

Capricorn + Pisces: Your Friendship Is The Foundation Of Your Relationship

The Capricorn and Pisces duo is one of the strongest bonds of all of the Zodiac signs. You two have been through all of the hardships and difficulties and have managed to get by. The reason that your relationship is able to withstand the difficult storms is through your friendship being the foundation of your relationship.

You and your boo incredibly respect each other in all aspects of your life. There’s no wonder, you guys fit like peas in a pod and agree on almost everything. Even though you two are so perfect, you’re going to have to keep strengthening your friendship in order to get you two past a few waves that will hit in the future. Remember that communication is key in any friendship, let alone a relationship. You may feel that your partner is becoming distant, and that means it is time for you to keep working on your relationship.

Don’t get scared, just remember that it’s critical for you to get down to the roots of your relationship, being your friendship. You two were initially drawn to each other based on your energies coming as one. You can totally feel that you are on the same frequency as your partner, but be prepared to maintain it.

Virgo + Pisces: Loyalty Will Keep You Together

While your Zodiac signs aren’t commonly compatible, you two have figured out how to make things work! The Virgo counterpart is commonly seen as a more wild card, where the other doesn’t know what to expect. There are usually some crazy situations that the Virgo finds themselves in that just surprises the Pisces.

The Pisces, on the other hand, is calmer and more collected. They totally know what they want and don’t feel the need to get wild in order to experience life’s pleasures. Even though you and your partner commonly hear from friends and family that they’re surprised you ended up together, you two seem to accentuate one another.

The glue that holds your relationship together at times through your different personalities is your loyalty to one another.

You both understand each other on a subconscious level and know you can always depend on each other. That’s why when one of you does something completely out of the blue; the other knows they can trust your actions.

It’s absolutely critical that you guys keep up this trust in one another into the future, as it’s still the glue to keep you together. Don’t be scared that your opposite personality traits will stand in the way between the two of you since you’re meant to be together.

Aries + Aquarius: Expect Some Craziness

We’re sorry to break it to you but be prepared to expect some craziness into the future. The both of you are completely different from each other, but that hasn’t stopped you from still wanting to be with one another. And there’s no reason you two shouldn’t be together. You guys completely balance each other out and were always there to support one another through thick and thin.

But it’s time to bring the sail backup, and be prepared to head into some rocky waters that are about to enter your relationship. Be prepared to experience some new things happening in your relationship, that you didn’t think would occur. There are a ton of different things that may come about in the future, such as another person entering the picture, or some hectic news from school or work. Don’t let this craziness get in the wave frequency of your relationship. Remember that the two of you are meant to be together forever and that nothing is going to stop you.

Remember what’s really at the foundation of your relationship: love, trust, loyalty, and communication. These factors are going to be the secret to keeping the two of you together. Don’t listen to anyone else trying to give you his or her input on your relationship.

Taurus + Taurus: Take Care Of Each Other

Your Zodiac signs show that you guys are completely alike. Everyone around you always says they can’t believe two perfect people were able to find each other. Your passions and desires are totally alike, proving that you guys are almost the same people.

You’re always thinking about how lucky you are that you were able to find the right person for you.

Even though you are incredibly lucky that you were able to find the perfect special someone, don’t think that there isn’t still some more work to do.

Your relationship is going to depend on the both of you taking care of one another and being transparent in everything that you do. Since you guys are almost the same people based on your Zodiac sign, it’s only right that you two work hard to keep your relationship going. Expect to have to take care of each other in the near future, as one of you is maybe starting to question their belief systems.

A great opportunity may come about in one of your lives, making the other person completely lost as to what to do. Since even you guys sometimes see yourself as more friends than lovers, it’s only right that you be there for each other through this difficult time.

Gemini + Aquarius: Friendship Might Be Better Than Relationships

You and your lover have totally had the best time together. You guys have experienced absolutely everything with one another, making you the best of friends. Even though you two are super close, even you guys can feel that there’s something just not right in your relationship.

The both of you are now constantly on your toes thinking of what can be the matter. Maybe you’re thinking that someone else has entered the picture, or perhaps they don’t feel the same way anymore. We’re sorry to break it to you, but you should be aware that not everything is okay in your relationship currently. You can feel it within your heart that not everything has been the same lately. You can tell that your significant other hasn’t been communicating as they used to, and aren’t acting the same way.

The energy and the universe on your Zodiac signs have begun to change, causing some hectic things to happen in your life. Sadly, your Zodiac signs don’t seem to be a current match right now, causing you both to reconsider if maybe friendship is the right action. If you still feel that your relationship can excel if both of you put in more work, then go ahead and work on that. If you truly do believe that it’s coming to an end, consider instead of fully ending it, going back to being just friends. There’s no reason that you’re awesome memories shouldn’t stay between the both of you as friends.

Cancer + Cancer: End All Competition In Your Relationship

We’re happy to tell you that while the future of your relationship seems strong, it depends on the both of you changing your ways. Since you both have the same Cancer Zodiac sign, you sometimes feel like you’re the same people. Even though you’re completely similar, the one thing that truly sticks out is both of your love for competition.

While competition is healthy in the outside world and is critical to success, it’s not exactly that healthy in your relationship. You and your boo can totally sense that as you two are constantly competing with one another over useless things.

While you two commonly dismiss your love for competition as simply a fun game between the both of you, it’s taking a toll on your relationship.

Each person constantly feels like they have to be better than the other in order to be successful. Neither of you let your flaws shine as you are constantly trying to cover them up.

The reason that the both of you haven’t been able to enter into the next stage of your relationship is due to the endless competition. You have to feel comfortable with showing your full self to your partner, and they do too. In order to let your relationship succeed into the future, you must stop your ways and find comfort in one another.

Virgo + Libra: Keep Up The Strong Communication

You commonly feel that everyone around you is jealous of your relationship, and they are. They envy the wonderful communication between the both of you that maintains your relationship. While you’re lucky that you found your soul mate, there’s still some work that has to be done between the both of you.

Be prepared to go overtime into communication with one another truthfully in order to uphold everything that you have built. With the hypnotic energy in the atmosphere coming through the new moon, you may find your partner acting differently. It is absolutely crucial that you talk to your partner about it and figure out what’s the matter before it gets any worse.

Be prepared for issues from your pasting coming up and being the foundation of many problems. For these reasons, it’s absolutely critical that you upkeep communication within your relationship or else it might be the downfall of your love. Stay completely honest and don’t even tell a white lie. You and your love will be able to get through absolutely anything, as long as you two are honest.

Be prepared to work overtime once you feel that a different energy has come from your partner. Your love is worth it, so be prepared to do the work.

Cancer + Leo: You Both Will Complement Each Other

You may sometimes feel distant from your partner whenever uncommon situations arise. It totally stresses you out as you feel like your partner isn’t completely there for you at times. It may feel as if the both of you do not balance each other out and have the same flaws.

Thankfully, the future of your relationship will begin to flourish as the both of you learn how to compliment each other tremendously. You will have to take a step back and take a look at your strengths and weaknesses to figure out how to better suit one another.

Focus on finding your partners strengths and what you need to flourish. Also, take some time to find out what their flaws are and whether you can compliment them.

If they are the more confident one in social settings, while you’re shyer, let them take the center stage and do more communicating. If you’re more independent while they’re more anxious, let them lean on your shoulder when they happen to be down. It’s critical that you take the time and figure out these different factors within your relationship in order to truly prosper. You’ll be surprised as to how much better the both of you will complement each other once you figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the both of you.

Leo + Scorpio: There’s A Strong Balance Of Power

We have some great news for your Zodiac sing’s relationship into the future! You and your lover are going to excel even more so as you learn to balance the power in your relationship.

Since one of you is a Scorpio, you’re used to taking the more center stage in your relationship! That means you’re used to having the power and making the decisions as to what’s going on between you two. You’re usually the one who gets to decide where you go for dinner, what happening during date night, and what the best course of action is for any situation the two of you find yourself in.

Instead, the Leo counterpart is usually the more chill one that simply goes with the flow during any situation. This makes the both of you so incredibly compatible with one another as one leads while the other follows. Even though it makes your relationship easier, it’s not exactly the healthiest system. Both of you should hold equal power and make decisions together. Even though the Leo is fine with the Scorpio taking charge, it’s time for things to change.

In the near future, you and your partner will learn how to balance your power a little better to make it a more compatible relationship. Embrace the change that will tighten your bond!

Taurus + Gemini: The Future Is Unpredictable

We wish we could give you spot on advice about your future as we’re able with the other signs, however, your future is unpredictable. While we know some intense changes are coming in your near future, we can’t exactly predict what it is necessarily. Be prepared to fight some battles in the near future to protect your love and the relationship you have built together.

There are two ways the future of your relationship can go, either you both will excel tremendously as a couple of lovebirds more head over heels than ever. Or, your love ship may begin to fill with water causing it to eventually sink. Now, don’t worry! It’s also time for a change.

If you feel that your relationship is beginning to go down, consider if it’s meant to happen.

Have some unresolved issues that have been eating the both of you up to blame for this downfall? If so, perhaps it’s time that the both of you move on as it’s meant to be. However, if you feel that your love is meant to prosper into the future then be prepared to fight for who you love. Be incredibly honest with your partner and communicate your feelings truthfully with ultimate transparency. Don’t just give up when it gets hard, but instead keep trying!

Leo + Leo: You’re Forever Obsessed With Each Other

The two of you are completely obsessed with each other and it will just continue into the future. You feel as if you’ve finally found your soul mate. No wonder, both being Leo’s it’s like you found your other half, and you totally have.

The two of you were about to attract each other through your positive energy and come as one. Your frequencies come together in harmony as you endlessly support one another. Everyone around you always says that it feels like you guys are meant to be together forever, and you really are.

Just because the both of you are completely obsessed with each other, don’t overlook any red flags. If you feel like your partner isn’t being truthful or loyal, simply call them out on it. Don’t let their great personality overpower their bad habits. Speak the truth to your partner in order to build a stronger bond and live happily ever after.

Even though your lover is ultimately obsessed with you, don’t be scared to change and grow. We’re all meant to expand and become even more the person we want to become, so don’t let your partner hold you down. Instead, honor each other and support each person’s inner growth.

Libra + Capricorn: Remember That You Guys Are A Team

The two of you are totally the cutest couple of them all. You’re so adorable that it’s even a little cheesy but who cares, you’re in love! The both of you are totally head over heels for each other both on the inside and out! Your fresh relationship fills your belly with constant butterflies and you can’t wait to jump into the future with your partner.

While the two of you are completely obsessed with one another, don’t forget that you’re not only lovers but also a team.

A big part of your relationship is developing a friendship on a deeper level rather than just being in love all the time.

You two are completely head over heels and aren’t able to work on your friendship. Becoming best friends and a strong team is what is going to propel the both of you into the future happily ever after.

We know you’re in the honeymoon stage, but it’s time to figure out how the both of you work together when you aren’t completely in love. Your friendship and teamwork are what will be the ultimate glue in your relationship when the butterflies fly away. We couldn’t be happier for the both of you, but have to remind you that you are a team.

Gemini + Cancer: Only Your Strengths Will Get You By

Your zodiac signs together create the ultimate power couple as you’re filled with endless strengths and success. Each sign is one of the most successful out there, making it insane as to how many things each of you have already achieved. Each person’s confident and powerful personality is totally what attracted the both of you together in the first place as you just can’t get enough of that energy.

We adore the both of you together as a couple but have some critical advice in order to advance into the future. It’s time for you to ever more strengthen your strengths to get by the rocky water to come. Some upsetting news is nearing that may cause some tension in your relationship. It’s time for each of you to truly display those powerful traits that drew you to each other in order to stabilize the storm.

Be prepared to put your best foot forward and become the strong rock for your partner as the news comes down. You both have to be a support system for one another during this difficult time. Cultivate your strengths and showcase them! This is the secret to getting your relationship through almost anything that’s to come.

Sagittarius + Capricorn: Your Fundamental Values Will Keep You Strong

You’re so used to hearing everyone around you constantly comment on how different the both of you are. You yourself know how totally different you and your lover are with your external personality. However, your inner values are the key to keeping the both of you together going into the future.

While we can’t predict if some tension is coming in the nearby future, we’re positive that eventually, it will. All relationships go through rocky times throughout people’s time together, making it a no-brainer that you two will have to work on your relationship.

Yet, don’t worry! The secret to upkeeping your relationship is on the fundamental values on which your love is based on.

The both of you perfectly understand that while you may be different on the outside, your inner values keep you stable.

Make sure to remind you and your lover of your similar values such as trust, growth, and meaning. These ideas have brought the two of you together, and will continue you forth into the future!

You should be immensely proud of what your relationship has developed into. In order for it to keep prospering into the future, make sure to uphold the fundamental values the both of you share!

Gemini + Virgo: Value What You Have

As your relationship is currently slowing down, you’re not exactly feeling those fluttery butterflies you once used to! You and your boo have really gotten to know each other and settled down. You two have totally passed the honeymoon stage and are now at the comfortable stage. Every relationship eventually settles down to a basic routine so don’t be worried that maybe it’s not working out.

The future of your relationship will be based on you and your lover valuing each other. Sometimes we can’t see the amazing things that are right in front of our eyes since we’re so used to them. We know you’re starting to get a little bored as there’s not a ton of excitement going on between the two of you, but you have to cherish these moments. The two of you have finally learned how to settle down with a person you truly love to start a different chapter of your life.

If you still feel like you need to re-spark your relationship, then think of some new way to re-ignite the fire! Start going on fun dates like you once used to or go on a romantic getaway such as a road trip. Sometimes these simple activities are all you need to have a little fun and realize your love for the other person.

Cancer + Aquarius: You Will Prosper Together

Your Zodiac signs are total go-getters always setting goals and taking on new challenges. There’s no wonder that the two of you are truly meant for each other!

In your near future, the both of you are going to be offered some awesome opportunities that are well deserved. The Cancer is incredibly hard working and never gives up on any project they are working on; while the Aquarius is so ambitious all they talk about are their dreams and goals. That’s why the two of you together are such a power couple that it is just insane!

The forecast on your relationship is nothing but smooth sailing. These opportunities that will come your way in the near future will allow you and your partner to proper tremendously! Get ready for all of your hard work to pay off, but also for another chapter of work to start. While both of you will be killing it in your personal goals, don’t forget about the other person.

Your relationship may become a tad fragile, as both people are super busy working on their dreams.

Set some time to be together and reconnect. You two can spend the whole time talking about what you’re working on, but at least you’ll be together.

Leo + Pisces: Your Differences May Get The Better Of You

Your relationship has seen it all: the heartbreak, difficult times, endless love, bitter resentment, significant moments, and betrayal. Sometimes you’re left to wonder if it’s even worth it to go on, but your significant other always manages to pull you back in.

Sadly, you’re not even surprised to hear that with the next new moon, your relationship may be under the water yet again. The primary issue that’s going to cause your next fight is you and your boo’s differences. Everyone around you always says that you and your partner are complete opposites, and you totally agree. But there’s still an element between the two of you that hold you together hoping for the better.

The issue is that the both of you have two completely different energies based on your Zodiac sign. The Leo is more anxious, always worrying about the future and planning to make sure everything works out. While the Pisces counterpart would much rather live in the present and make memories instead of wasting their energy preparing for something that might not even come into the picture. These differences are now going to come into the picture as yet again another issue will come about. It’s time for you to figure out if your differences are going to get in the way of your happiness, or if it’s time for you to make a change.

Virgo + Sagittarius: Don’t Drive Each Other Crazy

Both of you are constantly trying to have a good time and who could blame you! With the weather warming up, it’s time to ditch our everyday lives and step out of our comfort zone in order to have a little more fun and switch it up!

You and your boo have always been partying until the sun comes up as it’s part of your character. You two were drawn to one another based on your fearless attitude and excitement to try new things. However, we’re going to have to recommend that you and your lover slow down the partying and adventures in order to not drive each other crazy. There’s going to be some intense changes coming about in your life, and it’s not the time to ignore them in order to have a good time.

Settle down on the good times only vibes and focus on the bigger picture that you have been suppressing.

If you have nothing to worry about, check in with your partner to see if they’ve been pondering some huge life changes recently. You’re not meant to hide away from your problems and party endlessly. That’s totally going to drive either you or your partner crazy. Instead, be there for one another through the thick and thin and make sure they’re doing all right!

Aquarius + Capricorn: Be Honest With One Another

We know you’ve heard the phrase ‘the truth will set you free’, and it’s completely true in your case. Some troubled waters are going to hit the shore of your relationship pretty soon, forcing you to make some big changes.

Either you or your partner hasn’t been fully honest with the other person. One of you is keeping something to themselves that might cause issues in your relationship if it comes to light. However, in the near future, that secret will be revealed and not from either of you. The issue is going to reveal itself causing the trust in your relationship to be incredibly questioned.

Remember that talking to your partner about the matter now will make the process much easier for you two. If you’re the one keeping a secret, remember that your partner will support you. If they happen to not support you once you tell them something you’ve been keeping to yourself, then there’s no point in being together.

It’s critical that you both are honest with one another or else your relationship will be broken. Honesty is the best policy at this point in time! We have to remind you again: the truth will totally set you free!

Libra + Scorpio: Stop Relying On Each Other

Some negative news is soon to come in your near future regarding your relationship. It might surprise and hurt you, so be prepared. The Scorpio energy is on fire this universal shift, causing chaos to break out.

You and your partner have been together for what seems like forever causing this to come as a surprise. Yet, the issue of the matter is your intense dependence on one another. Each person has to gain some independence and stop relying on the other as much. We know you both have your strength and weaknesses that balance each other out so perfectly, however, it’s causing an issue.

Instead of hiding your issues in the other person, you must deal with them on your own.

You should never try to fix your lover, or hope your lover fixes you.

Instead, you should take the time and focus on yourself and all of your downfalls to figure out exactly what the matter is. Take some time for yourself this next week to understand what problems you still haven’t faced. Your partner can’t keep dealing with them. They’re totally causing chaos in their life.

If you feel like your partner is depending on you too much, talk to them. Neither of you should be taking each other’s issues upon themselves.

Taurus + Cancer: The Spoiling Will Continue

The fun free lifestyle of you and your boo will only keep continuing. The both of you are so used to your picture-perfect relationship of endless dates, social gatherings, and unconditional support. It’s safe to say that you’ve totally found your soul mate, but also that you both totally spoil one another.

Your spoiling isn’t necessarily material. The two of you are constantly there for each other doing little things to showcase your love. Whether it’s through new ways to spend your time together, adorable good morning and good night texts, or constant support whenever needed, the two of you are always there for each other.

That’s why we’re happy to say that the spoiling of one another will only continue into the future! You both are head over heels for each other desperate to showcase your love. Take advantage of this period and all of these opportunities as this wonderful honeymoon stage eventually comes to an end. Then again, if you’re totally in love with one another maybe it never has to stop!

The only advice we can give is to make sure both partners are as supportive as the other! Don’t spoil your boo if they aren’t being transparent with you. Don’t let your boo spoil you if you’re heart isn’t in it!

Cancer + Scorpio: If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Be

You and your partner have lately been on guard in your relationship trying to figure out how to make it all work. Since some issues came about, it hasn’t exactly been the same between the both of you.

The best advice we can give to your relationship based on your Zodiac signs is if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Stop stressing over every single fight that comes about in your relationship. Instead, try to ignore the small negative stuff and focus on the bigger picture.

Make sure to work on your relationship in order for it to succeed, but don’t push anything. If you feel as if your partner’s heart isn’t completely in it, then there’s no point in still trying. If your partner is still putting in an effort, then you better be too. If you don’t feel a desire to try anymore, consider if it’s really worth all of the fighting and chaos.

Love is a delicate emotion that comes about on its own. There’s no way to force love between the two of you. Let your relationship unravel in its usual course and see where the two of you take each other. Don’t force anything on you or your partner and see where your internal energy leads you.

by Solomiya

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