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23 Pictures that Show Just How Far Out the Hippies Really Were

During the 1960’s, the ‘hippies’ ushered in a counter-culture movement of peace, free love, and good times that left the world forever changed. And while many of us may not believe it, our grandparent’s generation was most likely a part of that amazing revolution of love.

In a series of pictures, it becomes clear that without drugs, good music, and activism, we would not have the best aspects of the modern world we live in.

A Couple Standing in the Midst of Woodstock 1969

1967, Woburn Abbey, Hippies enjoy themselves at the 1967 Woburn Abbey Love In

A hippy is pictured topless in the crowd at Knebworth rock festival in 1979..

Hippies Dancing in the Middle of a Field at Woodstock 1969

Three Young Hippies Passing Around a Joint

Dancing in the Rain at Woodstock

It Was the Era of Free Love…..

And Protest….

Of Course, There Was Plenty of Dancing….Because the Music Was AMAZING.

Two Words: Flower Power