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20 Tattoos Perfect for Sisters Or Best Friends

Growing up with a sister is an experience that you can only truly understand if you did it yourself. When you have a sister, you always have someone to hang out with…or argue with, depending on the day.

But in many cases, as the two of you grow older, your relationship matures and you find yourself with a best friend who’s known you for pretty much your whole life.

And in that case, you might want to get a tattoo to document your very special bond.

Here are 20 sister tattoos that perfectly capture what it’s like to have a sister.

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She knows all your inside jokes, embarrassing stories, and silly nicknames. In other words, she’s your other half. Why not get a tattoo to show that?

Here’s another tattoo that’s perfect for commemorating the thousands of pinky swears you made each other participate in.

The detail in this one is super impressive.

One sister gets “Mischief,” the other gets “Managed.”

Something tells me their parents might agree with the sentiment.

This is perfect for those times you forget whether you’re the older sister or the younger sister. Just take a quick glance down at your wrist for the reminder.

You can even add the birth years if you want to get extra fancy.

I love how this one shows both the similarities and differences between the two sisters.

We’re just getting started…

Who doesn’t love adorable elephants?

This one also shows the dynamic of the younger sister following her older sister’s footsteps.

Not all sister tattoos have to be super obvious, of course.

I’m a big fan of this beautiful and delicate lotus flower design.

Here’s a pair of tattoos depicting Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe! If you’re considering getting a tattoo with your sister, don’t forget about your favorite shows or movies!

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Here’s another delicate tattoo design that’s sure to impress those who see it.

And then you can say, “Wanna see something even more impressive?” And then BAM your sister can show her matching tattoo and everyone will be in awe.


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