20 Nostalgic Smells From Childhood That Everyone Remembers Fondly

Smell is one of, if not the strongest of our senses, especially when it comes to recovering memories.

In this Reddit thread, people are sharing the iconic smells of their youth, and they are sending us speeding down memory lane.

Get ready!

Crayons –GeroVeritas

Can’t you just smell them now?


The strip of pink bubble gum that came in a pack of baseball cards –VictorBlimpmuscle

That’s a good one.


Coppertone sunblock.

Always reminds me of summer. –what_the_crap

Fresh rain on hot pavement –DrCarlosHilllPhD

Ooh, that’s my favorite.


All those summer swimming lessons were some good days. –Wheres_The_Pepsi

I used to love the smell of Play-Doh, and I also used to lick it because it was super salty for some reason.

Also, don’t let your kids lick Play-Doh. –Navi_SHUTTHEF**KUP

The smell of cut grass, I instantly remember playing on the school fields. I remember everything, very strange feeling but makes me happy –noredditfamous

The scent of vinyl dolls. I still have my old baby doll and it still smells good. In the same way the scent of My Little Pony first generation or Strawberry Shortcake dolls. –klawerif

Lunch room smells that only seem to exist in a school lunch room, but occasionally can be found in a normal cafeteria. –DirkMcRunfast

Mothballs. I don’t like how they smell, but they remind me of going to my great-grandmother’s house when I was a toddler. –ProceedWithLaunch

That smell of cardboard and plastic when you open up a new action figure –Flawlesscazzazz

The smell of jellies. They were these weird glittery, rubber looking shoes that had a very prominent new shoes smell to them. Hadn’t thought about them in YEARS but was walking through the Kohl’s clearance section one day and the smell of them hit me like a wave of nostalgia. –DewItBigPalpy

New book smell.

Reminds me of the start of the new school term. –poopellar

Wood smoke from chimneys as the snow quietly piles up around a quiet, peacefully dark neighborhood. Northeastern states represent. –Doug_Mirabelli

Dead fish. I grew up near Lake Erie. I’m being honest here when I say that the smell of dead fish reminds me of early spring in the small Ohio town where I grew up.

And the musky smell of old comic books. God, I love that smell. –Sveenee

The smell of laundry hung out on a clothes line. I always called it the “smell of the sun”. I used to lay in the shade for hours just watching the laundry wave in the breeze. –ladyblackwolf321

Baseball glove and neatsfoot oil. Lots of time spent on ball diamonds as a kid. Riding my bike to practice with my glove hanging from my handle bar. –NoClueDad

The smell in the air when the fall comes around. You know, the smell when it gets cool in the evenings and people have fires / their furnaces on. Reminds me of when I would be out playing at night. It’s easily the reason I love the fall so much. –Tartaras1

That smell when you turn on an old car’s AC unit and you smell all the dust and good stuff. Ohhh man. Reminds me of riding in my dad’s Grand National. –totallycheesey

Fresh bark at a park or the playground. Always had a unique smell that a lot of people I know didn’t like. –Kartstorm

Source: Twenty Two Words