15 Zodiac Combos That Should Get Back Together, And 5 That Never Should

There are those zodiac combos who just don’t fit together, no matter how hard they try.

Deciding whether or not to take someone back can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make. It’s difficult to separate the heart from the head when you truly love another person, and it’s even more difficult to find that balance between choosing what you want and what you need. You might love them with all your heart and crumble at the thought of them coming back into your life, but even then, the two of you broke up for a reason. Is taking them back going to see a repeat of history, or are you actually going to be happy this time? You can never be totally sure!

Many believe that certain zodiac combos are so well suited to each other that they have what it takes to last forever and bring each other eternal happiness. There might be obstacles to overcome in the relationship, but certain zodiac couplings are meant to be together in spite of them. And then there are those zodiac combos who just don’t fit together, no matter how hard they try. Knowing whether the Universe supports your relationship with your ex can help you decide whether it’s a good idea to take them back or not. So read on to find out which combos should give it another try, and which ones shouldn’t bother.

Virgo Should Give Taurus Another Chance

The two earth signs of Taurus and Virgo are on the same page in a lot of areas in life and are highly compatible by nature. Not only do they like the same kinds of things, but they also have very similar attitudes and approaches to life. These signs are both about hard work and dedication to their ambitions. They are methodical and analytical, and usually, have an affinity for numbers and science. Taurus might be slightly more sociable than Virgo, but neither sign loves being the center of attention. They can relate to each other’s need to stay busy in the background.

Every relationship is different, and all signs are capable of doing things that aren’t forgivable. You obviously have to be the judge of whether you should take your ex back or not, but know that this is one combination that the stars have ordained. Virgo and Taurus like to do the same kind of thing in their spare time, and both appreciate hard work and reaping the rewards afterward. Taurus can be stubborn when they don’t get their way, and Virgo can be ruthless in their criticism, but these signs can handle each other better than most.

The Future Looks Dark For Scorpio And Aquarius

If Scorpio and Aquarius broke up, then maybe they should consider staying that way. In their essence, these signs are just too different to make it work, and both have a tendency of doing things that will drive the other crazy. Scorpio needs to be emotionally involved in just about everything, while Aquarius prefers to stay aloof. In a relationship, Scorpio demands loyalty and commitment and is ready to give it back, but that kind of thing is sure to scare Aquarius off. This air sign likes going at a slow pace with a partner, and only tying themselves down when they’re absolutely ready.

The one thing that bothers Scorpio more than anything else is when their partner can’t give them the commitment that they crave, or when they feel that they can’t trust their partner. Aquarius isn’t untrustworthy as such, but this sign doesn’t like to be pressured into committing to anything and can get up to things that look suspicious, even if they are completely innocent. Scorpio can get heated when they’re angry, and that type of reaction pushes Aquarius even further away. These signs are just too different to make it work and react to each other like fire and gasoline. Both could find someone who’s a little more suited to their needs.

Leo And Libra Can Work Things Out

On the surface, Leo and Libra might appear to be from two totally different worlds. Leo is an impassioned fire sign, while Libra is a cool and collected air sign. The Lion follows their heart, and the Scales are masters at thinking with their heads and making informed decisions. But still, these two fit together beautifully, and if they want to get back together, they should think about it. Though they have their differences, both signs love socializing and being in the center of the party scene. They also have a passion for public displays of affection, and it takes someone grounded like Libra to calm Leo down from time to time.

The thing that Leo and Libra can usually agree on is that it’s important to be liked by other people. Their reputations mean a lot to them, so they bond over the desire to attend the coolest events and portray themselves in a positive light around other people. When in love, Libra loves to shower their partner with affection, and that totally works for Leo, who loves being told how much they’re loved. There is a lot these two have in common, so it seems like they can work it out.

Cancer And Aries Split Up For A Good Reason

Cancer and Aries both have good hearts and probably had a very intimate, meaningful relationship. But most of the time, there’s a good reason why these two don’t work out, and to get back together would just be to put everyone through all that pain all over again. While they are two genuine signs who have good intentions for each other, the difference in how sensitive each person is which cancels out all the good in their relationship. Cancer is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac and needs to be with someone who treads carefully around them, and who takes care not to hurt their feelings. Aries, on the other hand, says what they want when they want, and can sometimes struggle with seeing the world from another person’s point of view.

The bottom line is there are bound to be a lot of hurt feelings in the relationship between Cancer and Aries. They both are prone to saying things that they don’t really mean, Aries because of their fiery nature and Cancer because of their mood swings. Instead of getting back together, they should both look for someone who is more patient and understands the way they work a little better.

Gemini And Sagittarius Should Give It Another Shot

The two wanderers of the zodiac, Gemini and Sagittarius have a lot in common. Unless there’s a huge pressing reason why they shouldn’t give their relationship another try, we think they should go for it! Basically, these two signs have what it takes to make the other happy because they have similar needs and mirror each other in a lot of ways. They both live for having new experiences and trying new things and love to fill their days with adventures. Plus, they can both get really fired up about certain topics, with Sagittarius being a fire sign and Gemini being, well, Gemini.

Together, they bounce ideas off each other and support each other while they take the world by the horns. With other partners, Sagittarius risks not being able to get out as much as they’d like because it can be hard for some to understand why they need so much space. And Gemini risks sinking into a rut, which will never happen with someone as adventure-seeking as Sagittarius. These two complement each other in all the right ways, and also make up for what the other is lacking. They have so much going for them that they really should consider giving it another shot.

There Isn’t Much Hope For Pisces And Taurus

Sadly for Pisces and Taurus, the Universe doesn’t really support these two signs getting back together. There are many things that they disagree on, like the approach to take toward working and the way to pursue dreams. Pisces likes to spend a lot of time daydreaming and planning, while Taurus is more of a doer. The Fish is creative and expressive, and the Bull is analytical and detail-oriented. Even if they can get past their differences on all of those fronts, there’s still the issue of fights between these two signs. Both are notorious for not being able to admit they’re wrong and apologize first, so it’s unlikely they’ll have much luck getting back together. Pisces turns into a shark when they’re upset, and Taurus is a bull. Go figure.

Even when they’re not fighting or broken up, they just don’t have enough substance to keep things strong for very long. Their attitudes toward life are too different, and sooner or later, they’ll get fed up with each other again. Of course, nothing is impossible, but it would be pretty exceptional if these two signs were able to successfully get back together after a breakup and live happily ever after.

Aquarius And Sagittarius Are Like Soulmates

Sagittarius’s love of traveling not only comes down to wanting to have new experiences, the way Gemini does but also wanting to be free. And this is something that Aquarius understands like nobody else. There are a few ways in which these two signs are different—one is a fire sign while the other is an air sign, and one loves intimate relationships while the other likes to keep their distance until they’re ready. But the one thing they can agree on is that they don’t want to rush into any kind of commitment, and when they do have a relationship, they want to maintain their own lives and their freedom.

The fear that these two signs share is that they’re going to lose their independence and self-identity, which can happen if you’re not careful in a relationship. Because of this deeply rooted phobia, they can be hesitant to commit to other people and give away their hearts, or spend too much time with their partner. Not everyone understands them, but they understand each other, which is why they should consider getting back together. It’s not every day that you come across another person who understands exactly how you feel.

Virgo And Gemini Are Better Off Apart

Differences may bring some signs together, but with other signs, they just ruin the whole potential of the relationship. That is the case with Virgo and Gemini, who may as well be different species. Even if these two enjoy the novelty of dating each other in the beginning, it’s unlikely that they’ll find true fulfillment with one another because they have such a hard time relating to each other. It’s true that they’re both intelligent and curious, but their minds work in completely different ways. Gemini loves spontaneity and surprises and has a tendency to get over-excited. On the other hand, Virgo lives for routine and security, and always controls their emotions.

In this case, polar opposites definitely don’t make a happy couple. The chances are that Virgo and Gemini called it quits in the first place because they realized they were so different and just didn’t get along. Even if you are attracted to somebody, the relationship is pretty much doomed unless you have a basic understanding of the way the other person works and can find a way to gel with them. These two don’t really understand each other, and neither is willing to change the way they go about life to make room for someone so different.

If Aries And Capricorn Are Willing To Try Again, They Should

Aries and Capricorn appear to be very different and people might believe that they don’t have a chance together because of this. But there’s good news if you’re an Aries looking to get back together with a Capricorn, or vice versa! The stars totally back this union up. Although Aries is a fiery sign who runs with the wind and Capricorn is grounded to the earth and very reserved, they can understand each other when it comes to how ambitious they are. Few other people get why Capricorn works late in the office all night, or why Aries spends all weekend working on that project they promised they’d finished, but these signs get it.

It might only be a subtle similarity, but it makes a big difference. The most amazing thing about the relationship between Aries and Capricorn is that when these two signs get together, they are able to really make a difference in the world and bring about real change. With their combined dedication, focus and initiative, there’s really no limit to what they can do. And because of that, they shouldn’t abandon the opportunity to try and make it work. At the very least, they should think twice about the breakup.

Leo And Sagittarius Should Remember Why They Broke Up

Although they may both be fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius probably broke up for a good reason and should remember what that is if they’re thinking about getting back together. Just because they share an element does not mean they are compatible. Though Leo and Sagittarius do have similarities between them, these actually work against them and not for them. For example, both signs are prone to angry outbursts, which means that their fights are insufferable and never-ending. Sometimes you need differences to balance out a relationship, and that’s what these two are lacking. In a relationship between them, there’s not likely to be any peace.

The kinds of things that make each of these signs happy are completely different. Sagittarius is enticed by wide open spaces and exciting adventures, while Leo tends to feel energized around other people. Leo aims for acceptance and popularity, while at the same time, Sagittarius is more focused on freedom and adventure. In most cases, Sagittarius couldn’t care less what people think, which is a big red flag for a sign like Leo. If these two do decide to get back together, they could possibly be in for quite a few arguments in the future.

Pisces And Cancer Will Always Feel A Connection

Two signs of the same element are usually very compatible, and that’s the case with Pisces and Cancer, two of the water signs. The water signs are well known for their broad range of emotions, their high sensitivity, their passion for life and their intuition which helps them understand themselves and read other people. Because of these natural elements to their personalities, Pisces and Cancer can relate to each other, and often form a deep bond. Seeing as they’re both so sensitive, they’re unlikely to say anything careless that would upset the other. And if they do (Cancer is kind of prone to mood swings), they’ll understand that they’ve crossed the line. Even though they have their hurdles to get over, these two signs always know where the other is coming from.

They both appreciate affection and intimacy in a relationship, and both can offer that to the other. Pisces will love the way Cancer cares for them and nurtures them, while Cancer will be inspired by Pisces’s free spirit and passion for life. It’s true that these two might both have to make an effort to think logically since they can both be swept up by emotion, but they shouldn’t let that stop them from giving the relationship another shot.

Aries And Scorpio Surprisingly Make A Good Match

Another surprising combo that you might not have thought would suit each other is Aries and Scorpio. These two signs appear to be arch enemies because they’re both hard-headed and can both be pushy at times, but those personality traits actually help them to understand each other. Magic happens when these two get together because they can give each other what they need. For instance, Scorpio needs loyalty in a relationship, and more than anything, they need to be able to trust and rely on their partner. And it just so happens that Aries is the most loyal and trustworthy sign in the zodiac, even if they’re a bit of a hothead.

Sure, when these two get into arguments, things can get a little heated. That might have been what caused them to prematurely break up in the first place. But if they can move on from that, they can really make each other happy. Aries is the loyal personality that Scorpio is looking for, and at the same time, Scorpio keeps Aries entertained, stimulated and challenged. They may have their differences, but when it comes to the things that matter, these two signs are definitely on the same page.

Libra And Taurus Have Too Much Fun Together

Libra and Taurus are arguably the two signs in the zodiac who are the easiest to get along with and make some of the best partners. This is because they’re both friendly and sociable, they’re grounded and level-headed, and they’re both charming. Throw in Taurus’s love for good, old-fashioned hard work and Libra’s passion for showering their partner with affection, and you have a recipe for two soulmates. There is one other thing that links these two signs and makes them perfect for each other, and that is the materialism they both suffer from. If there was one weakness to affect both of these signs, it would be their inability to control themselves around pretty things. But because they both suffer from the same vice, they don’t judge each other. Win-win (except for the bank account)!

Overall, Libra and Taurus just have a lot of fun when they get together. Their relationship isn’t dramatic and stressful, but light-hearted and calm. They know how to have a good time together, and that’s one of the most important parts of being in a relationship. If they get the chance to consider getting back together, they might want to think about taking it.

The Earth Signs Virgo And Capricorn Understand Each Other

The earth signs make very good partners because they provide safety and security in a relationship. That said, they’re not for everyone. Some signs are totally incompatible with the earth signs because they find them boring or dull and need a partner who’s a little more spontaneous. But when the earth signs get together, they fit together like puzzle pieces. Virgo and Capricorn might not have a fiery or impassioned relationship, but it will be everything the other wants. They have the capability of making each other genuinely happy, which is why they should think about giving each other another shot if they do drift apart.

For both of these signs, the ideal relationship involves having someone who understands that you have other commitments outside of romance, that you prefer to stick to a routine and that you don’t want to be overly expressive with your feelings. Both Capricorn and Virgo embody this kind of personality, so they should have no problem getting what they want from each other. Their perfect lifestyles look very similar, and it shouldn’t be too hard to create that when they’re together. And most importantly, they feel safe and secure with each other, which is non-negotiable for both of them.

Gemini And Aquarius Fulfil Each Other

In many ways, Gemini and Aquarius mirror each other. Within a relationship, they both tend to take the role of the one who’s always busy, on the go or bouncing around. When they’re with more sensitive or clingy signs, they sometimes feel trapped or smothered because they love to maintain their independence. That is why they are perfect for each other. Their relationship might have its difficulties, but they both understand and respect each other’s need for space and freedom. Neither sign is likely to pressure the other into commitment and so they won’t feel like they’re in a rut with each other. When they do move forward, it will be on both of their terms.

It’s not impossible to find someone who understands your need to take the relationship slowly, but it can be tricky. That’s why if Gemini and Aquarius are lucky enough to find each other and fall in love in the first place, they should think seriously about getting back together after they’ve broken up. Few people would be as understanding about that as they are. Gemini might be more enthusiastic than Aquarius, who can be distant and aloof, but these two can always relate to their need to drift with the wind and be free.

Leo And Taurus Have Something Going For Them

We know, this sounds like an unlikely couple. But very strangely, Leo and Taurus manage to totally make it work when they get together. A relationship is all about happiness, so if you have that, who cares how odd you look together, right? Leo and Taurus seem like they wouldn’t suit each other because they’re opposites in many ways: Leo loves the spotlight while Taurus hates drama, and Taurus likes routine while Leo prefers to live dangerously. They might argue over those things, but they bond over the way they help each other through their weaknesses. Taurus helps Leo to think clearly and not be so clouded with emotion, and Leo encourages Taurus to get out there and live a little.

They might not sound like a match made in heaven, but they are. Nobody is perfect, and not only do these two signs accept each other’s flaws, but they also help the other person to work through them. Leo and Taurus both emerge from the relationship as better people than they were before. So if they feel the desire to get back together and nothing awful has happened to make that a silly idea, they should think about it!

Scorpio And Libra Fill Each Other’s Missing Parts

Scorpio is a big personality to manage in a relationship, and not all signs are up to the job. But Libra is one of the most agreeable signs in the zodiac, making them the perfect partner for the sometimes challenging Scorpio. It takes a lot to intimidate or upset Libra, so Libra will be able to be Scorpio’s partner and withstand all the intensity that comes with it. Libra also happens to be great at giving advice and managing conflict, which will come in handy with such a passionate sign. Libra will help Scorpio to stay grounded when they get carried away with things, while Scorpio will stand up for Libra when they’re not confident enough to stand up for themselves.

The one thing that Scorpio and Libra really have in common is the attitude they have toward being in love. Libra is the happiest in a relationship, and will usually do anything it takes to make it work. They put in lots of effort and do a great job of showing their partner how important they are. Scorpio loves being close to another person and is passionate about forming that deep bond and connection. So when it comes to the type of relationship that they actually want, they’re usually on the same page.

Virgo And Pisces Balance Each Other Out

Virgo and Pisces are two more signs who sound like polar opposites but weirdly work really well when they get together. Nobody can deny that these two are different in many ways: Virgo is analytical and studious while Pisces is creative, and Pisces wants to talk about their feelings while Virgo has no time for that. But all those differences actually work to their advantage because both signs can be extreme in their ways, and they teach each other to come around a little. After hanging out with Virgo, Pisces will learn to stop living in a fantasy world and start working toward their goals. And Virgo will learn that it’s okay to take a breather and focus on self-care.

Don’t get us wrong: these signs can certainly get into their share of arguments. But that shouldn’t stop them from persisting with the relationship and trying to make it work. At the end of the day, they might pose a challenge to each other, but they’re good for each other. Virgo is more comfortable with someone who’s a tad more reliable, and Pisces prefers someone who knows how to let loose more, but these two always help each other to grow.

Cancer Needs Somebody Like Libra

In the same way that Libra is an ideal match for the sensitive Scorpio, they’re also perfect for the other sensitive water sign, Cancer. The thing that brings Cancer and Libra together is the fact that they both love the idea of being in love. They prioritize their relationship above their careers, their friends and everything else, and they go to the ends of the earth for each other. Libra has a way of making Cancer feel really loved because this sign loves doing public displays of affection and doting on their partner. And Cancer also makes Libra feel special with the way they nurture and care for their significant others without even being asked.

Being so level-headed, Libra is the perfect person to deal with Cancer’s mood swings. This sign isn’t judgmental or intimidated by things like that, and instead will be able to empathize with the Crab and see where they’re coming from. By the same token, Cancer will be able to help Libra with their strong desire to satisfy their material urges, and remind them of what’s really important in life. Put simply, these two signs should get back together because they complete each other, and are already headed in the same direction.

Aries And Sagittarius Are Partners In Crime

Two fire signs in the one relationship can be a recipe for disaster, but it’s a different story with Aries and Sagittarius. These two signs don’t have the same problem that other fire-fire combinations have, because Sagittarius tends to be a little less hot-headed than their fiery counterparts, and a little bit less emotionally intense. This means that it’s not World War Three when they fight (although the fights still aren’t fun!). Aries and Sagittarius can relate to each other on a number of levels, and both happen to be fiercely independent, which draws them together more than anything else.

These two might have their fights and disagreements from time to time, but they tend to see eye to eye on the important things. Aries will respect Sagittarius’s space and won’t try to drown their voice out of the relationship. At the same time, Sagittarius will make Aries happy through their sunny and optimistic personality. They both get fired up when certain topics come up in conversation, and most of the time, they agree on what they’re getting worked up about. These signs might break up over something silly, but the Universe supports them getting back together in most cases!