15 Lies “Nice Guys” Tell You And Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

“Nice guys” have quickly become an epidemic and are sweeping the nation by storm. Not to be confused with actual nice guys, who don’t really call themselves that, these “nice guys” are really just stereotypical dirtbags in disguise. If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve been exposed to the galling antics of this Axe body spray-wearing guy at least once, but if you’re one of the lucky few that haven’t, here are a few common lies “nice guys” will tell you, and why you shouldn’t fall for them.

“Just give me a chance.” Nice guys are constantly after you, trying every way possible to brainwash you into thinking they deserve a chance with you. The best way to steer clear of this is by constantly reminding yourself that you don’t owe anyone anything, especially some guy who thinks you owe him the world because he held the door open for you that one time.

“Girls just want to date assholes.” This is a common lie nice guys tell themselves, mostly, to cover up the actual underlying reasons why women don’t want to date them.

“I always get friend zoned.” If this is really the case, there’s probably a reason for it. Genuine nice guys would respect a woman’s decision to remain friends, and wouldn’t try to convince her otherwise.

“I’m different than most guys.” Wrong. You’re a dime a dozen. A simple search for the hashtag “niceguys” on Twitter will have you scrolling through endless retellings of women’s own personal encounters with this so-called nice guy.

”You’re lucky to have me.” Is it far-fetched to say that nice guys are so delusional that they really think you should be the one thanking your lucky stars for them? Definitely not. Nice guys will let you think they’re doing you a favor by giving you the time of day. It’s time to come down from cloud nine now, guys.

”I’m just trying to do the right thing.” If the right thing involves sending you 25 messages a day giving you detailed essays about how amazing they think they are and giving you every reason in the book to break up with your significant other for him, then yep, they’re doing it right.

“Come over and I’ll help you study/I’ll help you with your work.” These people are hiding their interest in you by acting like they want to help, but they’re really just looking for a hookup. This type of behavior is disgusting.

”I just tell it how it is.” This is not an excuse for making rude and offhand comments about you, or anyone else. Even if he thinks he’s just “telling it like it is,” the truth is, he’s looking for an excuse to act like a jerk.

”I just want to watch a movie with you.” When will guys understand that “Netflix and chill” is not an acceptable way to ask girls out?

”No strings attached.” If he asks to buy you a drink and then proceeds to hit you with this line, he’s a liar. But even if you take the drink, you don’t owe him anything.

”I don’t care about sex.” Now this is just a bold-faced lie, and it’s insulting that he would even think you’d fall for it.

“Women are crazy.” If he feels the need to tell you his dating life sucks because all women are crazy, remember it’s his problem and not yours. There’s a million reasons why you might not like him, but when he resorts to name-calling and pigeonholing, he’s really just trying to make you feel as insecure as he does.

“I never act like this.” Sure, only to you and to every other girl he’s tried to date.

”Your standards are too high.” Just because you’re out of his league doesn’t mean your standards are too high.

“Trust me, I’m a nice guy.” Perhaps the most commonly used phrase among nice guys, and the biggest lie of them all. We hope at this point you’re well enough versed to know for yourself why you shouldn’t fall for this one.


via Rebel Circus