12 Things You Need to Tackle, According to Your Zodiac

Spring is a time for rebirth, renewals, and new hair colors. As the snow melts and the sun peeks out, hesitantly, from behind those thick winter clouds, people start to find themselves peeking out from behind the caves that they built themselves during the winter.

They bring out their favorite clothes, change their hair, take up new exercise regimens, and become filled with the optimism that a fresh start provides. But what does this Spring have in store for each of us? Though it can be difficult to predict the future, certain patterns found in one’s personality via their Zodiac may be able to provide valuable insights into things that each person is struggling with and needs to tackle this Spring.

Scorpio: Need To Trust More

Your skeptical and untrusting nature has brought you nothing but stress in the past and, as Marie Kondo says, if it does not bring you joy then it is time to let it go.

While yes, it is true that some people do not deserve your trust, not everyone who comes into your life is doing so will ill-intent and closing yourself off to them is doing you far more harm than good. This spring, focus on opening yourself up to the world and the people around you and letting yourself place trust in others again.

Libra: Need to Assert Themselves

Libra’s tend to avoid conflict at all costs and while doing so can make you appear to be an amicable and considerate person, not standing up for one’s own needs will do nothing but make you miserable in the long run.

This spring, make sure to ensure that your voice is heard and that your needs are met. Some people may react poorly to this change in your behavior, especially if they are used to walking all over you, but short-term disruptiveness is worth the long-term rewards that asserting yourself will bring you.

Cancer: Need To Look At The Bigger Picture

Things have been going well for Cancer Zodiacs in 2019 but for some reason, everyone can see this but them. The Cancer Zodiacs of the world have been struggling with a bit of negative self-image, as of late, and that pessimistic perspective has caused them to ignore their many successes and place their setbacks under the microscope; focusing in on them until it is all that they can see when they look at themselves.

This spring, Cancers need to take a moment to step back, look at the bigger picture, and think about their accomplishments and everything that is going well for them. For, once they do, they will realize that their set-backs utterly pale in comparison.

Virgo: Need To Take a Break

Virgos have a bad habit of falling into the never-ending work-sleep-work cycle and often end up ignoring themselves and their hobbies in favor of work, work, and more work. But living your life for work will only lead to an inevitable burnout. Everyone needs a break, even you hard working Virgos of the world.

This spring, Virgos need to take a vacation (it could even be a stay-cation) before they crash and burn. There is more to life than work. Find a day that works, clear off your schedule, and do something non-work/errand related that you have been meaning to do for a while. Trust me, it will be so worth it.

Taurus: Need to Take A Different Perspective

The stubborn Taurus’s of the world are stuck in their ways and used to bringing other people into their shoes, rather than the other way around. But this refusal to compromise can lead to those around you assuming that you think that your opinions are better than theirs (and by consequence, you as well.)

This conflict can lead to people feeling as though their opinions are not safe around you for they will be judged. This spring, Taurus’s should consider making an effort to consider other points of views in future conflicts. Who knows, maybe someone else’s idea may be better.

Sagittarius: Need to Commit

The commitment-phobic nature that the Sagittarius’s of the world tend to fall into has the potential to turn into flakiness if left unchecked. In the modern era, flaking last minute is easier than ever. A simple text or change of Facebook invite status and one is no longer committed to any plans. But doing so could be irritating, or even hurting, your close friends and sooner or later, they may stop inviting you. This spring, make sure that you follow through and commit to the plans that you make. Your friends will thank you.

Gemini: Need to Calm Down

Geminis, your nervous nature and uncertain current circumstances are causing you to continually go over every detail in your plan, make unrealistic deadlines, and unsustainable goals in order to catch up to where you expected to be in life by now.

In an attempt to catch up with your own expectations, you are running the risk of spreading yourself too thin. You cannot expect to be a millionaire with your first paycheque. These things take time. This spring, focus on setting realistic short terms goals to create a needed sense of achievement while the more hefty projects develop in their own time.

Capricorn: Need to Look On The Bright Side

The Capricorn’s of the world are known for their pessimistic nature and while high levels of cynicism can help prevent disappointment from unmet expectations, they can also lead to sour feelings towards others or even oneself. This spring, make an effort to see things from a more optimistic point of view.

Set goals for yourself without worrying about the possibility of them failing. Put yourself out there without worrying about the concept of rejection. Not everything is made of sunshine and rainbows, but some of it is and it would be a shame to miss it.

Aries: Need to Practice Patience

Aries’s, I know that you have a mountain of energy inside you that you are waiting to unleash. But now is not the time for such things. Hold onto that energy for a bit longer because we are still in the planning phase and letting go of it too early can lead to disaster and a need to scrap it all and start over.

This spring, look before you leap. Double check your plans and deadlines to ensure that everything is on the right track before setting it loose. Your future self will thank you.

Aquarius: Need to Find a Common Ground

Aquarius’s can be prone to conflict due to their uncompromising nature. They tend to stick to their guns, no matter what. But that has done nothing for them but cost them in the end.

This spring, Aquarius’s need to make an effort to meet those around them in the middle and attempt to find common ground when conflict arises. A divisive climate does nobody any good and Aquarius’s know that better than anyone else. Ensure that your needs are being met but consider alternative perspectives before committing to a plan or ideology.

Pisces: Need to Move On From the Past

The past can hold many wonderful things, but it should never hold us. For if it does, we will lose out on everything around us while trying to reach into the past and fix or obtain things that are no longer in reach. This spring, the Pisces’s of the world need to learn how to let go and move on.

This can be tough and cannot be done overnight. But learning to see the beauty in our past, letting go of past hurt and regret, and realizing that the past and the present are not truly that different after all is one of the most important lessons that a person can learn.

Le0: Need to Learn to Sit on the Sidelines

Leo’s, my friends, I know that you love being in the spotlight and being treated like the Queens that you are. But this spring, it is time to let someone else into the limelight and take a bow. Now, no need to worry. This is not a permanent state of affairs.

However, your need to take center stage has caused some of the people around you to feel consistently side-lined during social interactions and this has made them feel less likely to share important news and events with you. Turn your one-woman show into an assembly production and see just how wonderful turning “me” into “we” can be.

Source: The Talko