11 Things Self-Respecting People Never Tolerate!

In order to grow and become better people we need to be brave and honest. This includes breaking the old habits and leaving behind everything that no longer makes us happy. Instead, we should start adopting soul-nourishing attitude.

If we respect and love ourselves we won’t tolerate the following toxic behaviors:

1. Prioritizing others over ourselves

Trying to please everyone is a waste of time and an impossible mission as well. Self-respecting individuals are aware of this and they strive to achieve their goals and do what makes them happy. They know that the key to success is to follow their heart and rise above other people’s opinions.

2. Self-criticism

In order to be happy and create the reality we want to live in, we need to adopt an optimistic attitude in life. Being negative makes the world look like a hostile and depressing place. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to develop a positive relationship with ourselves, since that’s the key to success. Only self-respecting people nourish themselves with positive thoughts which in turn will bring them positive situations.

3. Being stagnant

The world has become a scary place and as a result numerous people prefer to live in their comfort-zone. However, the sad truth is that if we don’t abandon our fears and step out of the comfort-zone we wouldn’t be able to grow. Self-respecting individuals push all boundaries and stretch their limits since that helps them to improve their lives and become better people.

4. Trying to fit in

Self-respecting people never follow the herd. They know that carving your own path is the key to happiness. If you rely on other people’s opinions you will eventually end up tired and unmotivated. So, in order to feel comfortable in your skin you have to trust your intuition.

5. Working a soul-sucking job

There is a large number of people who work soul-sucking jobs in order to survive. If you are one of those people, make sure you leave the job that doesn’t support your emotional and mental well-being. Self-respecting individuals are highly introspective, which enables them to uncover what they want in life and pursue their dreams.

6. Neglecting our own health

You are the only one responsible for your own health. If you don’t feel well physically, mentally and emotionally, you should reconsider your life and make the necessary changes. Note that the change can’t happen overnight. It requires you to take actionable steps. Self-respecting people put their own health before everything else and therefore they enjoy their lives.

7. Overly controlling relationships

If someone tries to dictate your life then you should definitely let them go. Self-respecting individuals never let others to take the control over them since they know that we are the creators of our own lives, while friendships and relationships are meant to enhance our well-being.

8. Being lazy

Due to the technological innovations, people have become less motivated to go out and work on achieving their dreams. They prefer sitting in front of the screen and wasting their time. Self-respecting individuals, on the other hand, know how to use discipline and self-control which helps them to stay focused on accomplishing their goals.

9. Not choosing happiness

Those people who undervalue themselves or feel pretty comfortable in their current position regardless of how unsatisfying it is, they settle for less than what they truly deserve. Self-respecting people, on the other hand, choose only the things that bring them happiness. Therefore, you should leave behind the things that don’t enrich your life. This, however, applies to everything, including your job, relationships, workout routines and so on.

10. Being woebegone and dejected

People who don’t respect themselves have a tendency to accept their lives as they are, without doing anything to make the things better. What’s more, they even wallow in self-pity, which may have deteriorating consequences upon the mental health. Self-respecting individuals know that their life is in their hands and they do everything in order to live it to the fullest.

11. Being taken advantage of

People who lack self-respect are an easy target for manipulators. They aren’t likely to stand up for themselves because they don’t consider themselves as priority. Self-respecting individuals on the other hand, value their time and energy and they never let themselves be taken advantage of.

Source: Off-Road Mind