10 Signs Showing She Is A High Quality Woman

A quality woman is different from those girls you’ve dated.

The more you get to know her, the more you realize that she is your perfect match and the one you want to marry. If all these characteristics listed below describe your woman, put a ring on her finger – she is a quality woman.

She is independent. She doesn’t have to be financially independent to be called a woman of value. What really makes her great is her emotional independence. If a woman is psychologically dependent on her man, their relationship will not last long and will not make them happy.

She is comfortable in her own skin. If a woman isn’t conscious of her appearance and feels confident no matter what she sees on her scales, other people don’t notice her flaws too. What they do notice is her confident look and positive energy she radiates.

She feels comfortable being alone. She is with you not because she needs someone by her side. Insecure and dependent women are afraid of staying single for too long, but your woman is nothing like them. The reason she is dating you is that she loves you and your company.

She gives you personal space. She will not call you every 10 minutes when you go out with your buddies. She understands that your friends are a part of your life and she respects your social circle. Your absence doesn’t make her feel jealous because she totally trusts you. Since she has her friends and career too, she will expect from you the same level of understanding and respect for her personal space.

She has her own opinion. A quality woman is not afraid to speak her mind because she is a mature personality and she thinks it’s a norm that people have different opinions on one and the same thing. You have a lot in common and your views on many aspects of life coincide (that’s why you’re together) but when she will not agree with every word you say if she has a different opinion.

She never humiliates you. Of course, you’re not perfect and you have your flaws but your woman focuses her attention on your strong points and never reproaches you for your weaknesses. She makes you feel significant and that what inspires you and gives you strength.

She is friendly and sociable. If she is confident, she has good communication skills and can establish contact with any person. That’s why you have no doubts that your parents will like her because they will definitely appreciate her manners and the ability to keep up a conversation. Your friends already like her because she made a good impression on them being funny and open.

She respects you. A quality woman knows her own worth and she will not date a man who is not worthy of her. If she is with you, it means that she finds you special and she respects you for who you are. Respect is one of those pillars on which a healthy relationship is built. It’s most likely that she respects you because you treat her the same way.

She supports you. You tell her about your plans and aspirations and she totally supports your endeavors. She doesn’t try to control or give you her instructions – she believes in your potential and just supports you emotionally whenever you need that support. She can be happy for your accomplishments and can comfort you when you’re going through the tough times.

She has her interests and knows what she wants. She is a personality and she has her passions. She set certain goals and she wants to achieve them. She considers self-development an important part of her life that’s why she is always busy with something and open to new experiences. This is what makes her an interesting person and this is why she captured your attention.