​Superdrug Is Selling Edible Gummy Bears That ‘Help You Tan’

Even though we’re edging closer to summer with every passing day, the recent spate of dramatic weather means the thoughts of sipping a nice cold beer on a hot day seem very out of reach.

There’s no denying during this particularly shit period of time in the UK that people resort to fake tanning or sunbeds to give us a healthy-looking glow.

Both of those methods take a decent amount of time, effort and money and the latter certainly isn’t great for our health.

What if we told you there was a way to get browner and get to eat sweets.

Well, UTan has concocted Tan Gummies, which are essentially gummy bears that will apparently help you tan.

They’re being sold by Superdrug, which, on the site, says: “The world’s first edible tan supplements developed by healthcare experts using tried and tested, traditional vegan ingredients.

“Tan Gummies allow potent actives to be held in the buccal cavity for a considerable time, resulting in ‘direct absorption’ through the membranes in the cheek walls. More powerful than anything else available on the market today containing a blend of essential plant nutrients.

“Accelerate your tan all year round with and without sun exposure.”

Apparently, it can accelerate and enhance your exposure to UV rays, making the browning process much easier.

You either suck on the food supplement until dissolved or chew them thoroughly before swallowing up to three per day is advised. Users are advised to do this two to three weeks prior to hitting the sun for the best results.


Even if you’re not going somewhere sunny, the company recommends carrying on taking the bears for roughly three to four weeks, or until you’ve reached your desired golden glow.

Once you’re at the right shade, you need to reduce the amount you take to one or two per day to maintain your sun-kissed look.

Tan gummies claim to get that classic bronzed effect ‘from the inside out’, using vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients. That sounds kind of creepy.

They come in a raspberry flavour and are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. You can pick up a jar of 60 tan-tastic gummy beats for £18.

A more drastic approach of this whole inside out tanning is melanin injections, which aim to increase your body’s melanin, the natural dark pigment in your skin. Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t been approved for use in the UK as there haven’t been enough research into whether it carries long term risks.

by Haleema Khokhar

Source: Ladbible