Your Triple Eclipse & Ring Of Fire Horoscope – Get Ready For A Huge Energy Shift

Eclipses have always fascinated man kind since the dawn of time, some cultures welcome the energies brought by eclipses where as others see it as a sign of doom, never the less, eclipses most definitely bring about change and mark important mile stones in peoples lives.

We were lucky enough to experience an eclipsed full moon on the 5th of June 2020, and this full moon eclipse marked the beginning of a triple eclipse with the solar eclipse on the 21st of June (which also happens to be a New Moon) followed by another lunar eclipse on the 5th of July, exactly 1 month apart from the June lunar eclipse. To say that we are living in exciting times is an understatement!

What is a solar eclipse and why is it so significant? A solar eclipse happens when the Moon is directly in between the Sun and the Earth, casting a shadow onto the earths surface blocking out some of the sunlight or in some cases, all of the suns light. When a solar eclipse happened in ancient China, the Chinese believed that a dragon had devoured the sun and this was considered as the beginning of a dangerous time.

A lunar eclipse is when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, the ancients believed Lunar eclipses to be an even more malefic time because it allowed evil shadow forces to be released into the world.

However, in modern day astrology eclipses are still thought to be very significant and powerful events, with a less dark and gloomy perception.

So how will these eclipses affect you?


This is a great time for you to re-evaluate your direction in life, family and career. Use this time to go within and decide what and who you want in the future. Let go of anything not serving you so that you can fully bloom.


Make sure that you finalize any financial agreements that you’ve previously made, only once you do this with the path way forward become clearer


Fridays eclipse will highlight any relationship issues for you, deal with it in a calm and collective manner. The next two eclipses will be financially orientated.


The total eclipse on June 21st is in Cancer and will highlight a total re-branding or evaluation of yourself. Harness this energy to re-invent yourself.


Focus on yourself, your inner peace and what is right for you during these Eclipses.


The first half of the three eclipses will bring about a focus on your family and relations with them, the second half is more focused on mixing and meeting new people.


This is the perfect time to for you to plant a seed and see an almost immediate bloom. Plant now in order to reap the benefits in June.


In order to earn more in life and on all platforms, look to the horizon and take the leap.


June 5th’s eclipse is in your sign leaving you feeling charged and ready to tackle anything. Harness this energy and use it to your benefit. The next two eclipses will be focused on financial matters.


The 5th of July brings big decisions for you, be patient during this time, the July 21st Eclipse will bring something big and positive your way.


Their may be some quarrels within your close friend circle or family. Let it go and move forward. Trust your gut and do what feels right for you.


This is also a great time for you to plant a seed and reap the benefits during these eclipses. Plant your seed on Friday and don’t be shy to ask for help, this is speed up the process and allow you to reap the benefits sooner.

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