You Can Create A Magical Moon Garden With Beautiful Fragrant Flowers

We all know how therapeutic gardening can be but have you ever considered gardening under the moonlight?

Moon gardens are the latest trend in the gardening world and is considered a must do! If you have a garden in your back yard or even a balcony garden then you must have a moon garden. The flowers that bloom under moon light are not only beautiful but fragrant, bringing you a world of magic under the moons light. Most of the flowers that bloom at night are white in color and smell incredible!

Try imagine a warm summers evening, it’s full moon, the crickets are chirping, fireflies are playing beneath the moons light, frogs in the pond are croaking and the nights air is filled with the sweet fragrance of moon flowers in bloom. Sounds just like something out a fairy tale book right?  Well we’ve got good news, creating a moon garden isn’t hard at all!

We’ve compiled a list of moon blooming flowers for you to create your very own magical moon garden.

Night-blooming Jasmine

This beautiful shrub is a sight for sore eyes after sunset as it blooms in the dark, not only that, it gives off a sweet, strong scent which fills the air.

Moon flowers

Its no mystery as to why these flowers are called moon flowers, when in full bloom they look like the moon, large and beautiful, they are a must have in any moon garden.

Dragon Fruit

Did you know that the flower of the dragon fruit plant is a huge white flower and blooms at night? It also has a beautiful sweet scent making it perfect for your moon garden.

Angel Trumpets

Called angel trumpet because of the way it’s shaped the angel trumpet will be a perfect for your garden. It has sweet smelling, white waxy flowers on the end of green stalks and is known to, if left to its own devices, grow wildly.

Some would say that when it comes to moon gardens, white is the new green. Adding outdoor fairy lights will help add to the magic of your garden and will appear as though stars dwell in between your moon blooming flowers.