This video of a freshly removed human brain is fascinating to watch

It is funny how much thinking and functioning our brain does, considering many of us most likely do not think about our brain all that often. The brain is immensely complicated and fascinating both in function and structure and is the organ in our body that contains all our thoughts and memories throughout our lives.

The Fascinating Human Brain

Neuroanatomist Suzanne Strensaas explained in a recent video concerning the inner workings of the brain that most of us think of our brain as something of a rubber ball. Strensaas explains that doctors who specialize in fields concerning the brain have a different perspective. This perspective reveals that the brain is much softer than people think and therefore much more vulnerable.

The human brain, as Strensaas explains, is a fantastic organ. Looking at the brain, it is hard to imagine that it stores an entire set of life experiences for an individual.

In the video, Strensaas removes a 1,400-gram brain that has just been removed from an autopsy. The video goes into detail concerning the recently deceased brain by explaining the various parts and functions of the brain. What is fascinating is the softness of the brain as Strensaas moves the brain around and examines it.

Strensaas explains the brain as so squishy that it is softer than most of the meat you would see at the grocery store. The brain is so soft that Strensaas reveals if she applied some light pressure with one of her thumbs she could easily damage the brain.

The video reveals the beauty and complexity of the brain despite its’ fragile nature. The brain is from a recently deceased cancer patient who voluntarily donated his or her body to science for this informative video to be made for scientists and anyone else who is curious concerning the brain.