The Things That Turn You On, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here we are in 2018, and women of today are more sexually liberated than the women before us, however, there are moments when we millennials can get a little shy when speaking on our sexual appetites.

What subconscious pleasures really turn you on?
Some women like passionate and gentle love making, others like it wild and rough. Maybe you lowkey like a strong spiritual connection, or perhaps naughty role playing gets you going. This read will reveal your hidden libido turn on, according to your zodiac sign!


Makeup sex really gets the Aries nature in you riled up! After getting into a heated argument with your partner, one of the first things that comes to your dirty little mind, is how good the make-up sex is going to be!

Aries women like things to go their way, and when things are leaning in the other direction, you know that you can use your magical sexual prowess to get things back in order. You know that makeup sex is bound to happen, and there is a part of you that makes a devious inward smirk after a fight with your lover, because you know it’s about to be on and poppin’.

Pro Tip: If you and your boo are going through a little riff and you want to make it right, when you know they are coming home, leave a little trail of sweets from the door to the bedroom, and allow your honeypot to be the last treat.


Gemini, you are the boss in bed! Subconsciously knowing that you are calling the shots really turns you on.

Riding on top is likely to be one of your favorite positions. Your Gemini spirit loves the idea of being the dominant partner. You like to control the flow of lovemaking. You might even secretly like constraining your partner’s hands so that you have free reign. If and when you decide to be more submissive, it’s only because you said so…and that is how you like it.

Pro Tip: Give your lover a freaky clock-in text and tell them to report to work. Once they do, they will receive their nightly task in the bedroom.


In everyday life, the Taurus woman is tough as nails, but in between the sheets, you melt just like hot chocolate when it comes to romantic and playful love making.

Being deeply in love and comfortable with your partner turns you on the most! You like being soft, sexy, and feminine. You like laughing, you like talking in between positions. You like gazing in your lover’s eyes. Subconsciously, you love to let loose and have fun when you are getting it in.

Pro Tip: Tell your lover that a new burlesque club has opened up in the living room and the show starts at 11:11. They’d better be on time, if they want front row seats.


The Cancer spirit in you loves the thrill of an unexpected and mysterious sexual escapade.

Subconsciously, you are turned on by the fact that you and your partner both know that y’all came for one thing and one thing only. You likely love listening to steamy, seductive, driving melodies that seem to dictate the speed at which you groove on it. Discovering the little sexual secrets about your partner’s body, takes you on an intoxicating trip leading to an infinite destination of bliss.

Pro Tip: Invite your lover on a little road trip to a private spot on the beach or a park and get frisky on the way there.


Leo women like it all about them. You subconsciously enjoy being ravished, and worshipped.

Your body is a temple, and your partner understands that they are in your house. You expect your lover to pull out all the stops in making sure that your pleasure is achieved. When your lover goes out of the way to cater to you, your body responds like Mother Earth herself. All of your volcanos erupt, the waves of your waters collide, your winds blow, and your flowers bloom.

Pro Tip: Go on a couples’ pedicure and massage date, then have them suck your toes and rub you down later on.


The Virgo energy in you is subconsciously turned on when your partner says all the right things, and touches all the right places.

You are a sucker for foreplay, and not just when you get in that bedroom…Virgos like to start the sexual experience way before they even hit the sheets. Receiving little dirty text messages about what’s going down later on will drive a Virgo crazy! If you see a Virgo woman devilishly smiling to herself with her phone in hand throughout the day, bets believe that she has a freaky appointment scheduled for later on.

Pro Tip: Send your boo a dirty text every hour on the hour, then see what that mouth do at the end of the day.


Nothing quite stirs a Libra woman up like a passionate night of revenge sex.

After being hurt by someone you were intimate with, sex with someone else, regardless of whether they’re connected to your partner or not, subconsciously gets your ocean flowing. This is an energy of “sex with no strings attached.” This may not be your ideal long-term situation, but it gets the job done in the best way when you need it.

Pro Tip: Find every strong surface in your apartment, and go to town!


Scorpios are known for connecting with other people through the sacral chakra, which carries spiritual and sexual energies.

Nothing turns the Scorpio woman on more than, a deep energetic and spiritual connection with their partner. Subconsciously, feeling like you are completely in sync with your lover in ways that cannot be explained with words, will have a Scorpio speaking in tongues.

Pro Trip: Buy a book on Spiritual Tantra for sexual meditation techniques, light some candles and some Palo Santo, play some Tibetan bell music, and sync your orgasms at the same time.


The Sagittarius is an independent spirit, and that doesn’t stop in the bedroom.

Of course intimacy with someone else is adventurous and satisfying for her, but this self-starter likes to self-start, if you know what I mean… Before she can be pleased by anybody else, a Sagittarius is subconsciously turned on by pleasing herself. By knowing what she likes through trial and error, she is able to school her partner, for her own ultimate satisfaction. Don’t be surprised if she gets it going without you.

Pro Tip: Take a trip to the sex shop together and buy yourselves new toys. Later on, test out your new buys and review them through dirty talk.


For a Capricorn, nothing is like that “good ole’ thang,” that “ole’ reliable,” or the one that your homegirls give you a shady side eye for dealing with.

Subconsciously, your reasoning mind might feel like if the car drives well, is good on gas, and gets you from point A to point B, then why not take it for a little ride? Even if it’s just once in a while. Sometimes all you need is a little tune up, or maybe a oil change, to get you back on track. You might regret it later, but that good-good is so worth it.

Pro Tip: Netflix and Sex: there will be no chilling.


Aquarius, nothing turns you on more than sex you ain’t supposed to be having. This is that “on the low,” “ain’t nobody supposed to know,” “out of sight out of mind” sex.

Whether you or your partner for the moment is in a committed or an open relationship with someone else, or both of you want to keep it on a “need to know” basis, nothing revs you up more than a quick sexual rendezvous with a temporary partner. This is about breaking all the rules, and it ain’t nobody else’s business.

Pro Tip: Change the names of each other in your phones for a day to something ridiculous, and only communicate using those names when getting it in.


Since the nature of the Pisces woman is as introverted as it is extroverted, you love to compartmentalize your lovers.

Having one partner to fulfill one need, and another to fulfill something else, is your subconscious libido charger. You have your own team of sexual suiters, and you are the coach! The idea of being polyamorous is likely a fulfilling scenario for you because you can control the type of connection you have with each partner and give whomever no longer meshes with your vibe the pink slip when necessary.

Pro Tip: Schedule your lovers like night and day… literally.


Source: xonecole