The Nose Knows: What Your Nose Shape Can Reveal About Your Personality

Everyone’s nose is as unique as their individual personalities, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few commonalities across the board. Whether someone has a petite button nose or a wider-based Nubian nose, there are certain characteristics these people have in common. According to a recent article in Cosmopolitan, there are several characteristics one can take away from someone based on the shape of their nose – and it’s more than just their physical features. The nose shows signs of your personality traits as well.

Front and Center. With the nose front and center and commanding attention upon first appearances, it’s only natural to wonder – just what is your nose saying about who you are? Certainly, we all know to not judge a book by its cover, but first impressions can be a b*tch sometimes.

What Does It Say? People have been trying to change the appearance and structure of their noses for decades now, thanks to the popularity of contouring makeup techniques and plastic surgery. Why? Because our noses are an enormous part of our identity and how we view ourselves. It’s also a huge part of how others view us as well.

Nose Types. “The nose shape reveals fun and quirky insights into our inner selves, and the nose comes in different shapes and sizes which makes it even more fun to analyze what each implies,” Cosmopolitan writes. These traits are broken down into a specific set of nose “types.”

What Kind of Nose Are You? According to Cosmo, there are ten basic types of noses and they are based on structure and composition. The ten types are: small, long, big, button, fleshy, Greek, Roman, Nubian, celestial, and the hawk nose. Each type has its own specific definition and personality traits associated with it.

The Definitions. Based on their definitions, everyone falls into one of these ten nose “types” that are discernable by their silhouette and bone structure of their nose. From the bridge to the width and the thickness and direction of the tip, everyone’s nose says something about who they are.

1 – The Small Nose. If your nose is narrow and shallow with very little thickness or width to the nostrils, you probably fall under the small nose category. “She is cheerful and affable… but sometimes, can lose their temper and boy do they get really mad then! Also, they are quite anal about their privacy,” Cosmo writes.

2 – The Long Nose. Those classified with a long nose have a bridge that extends past the nostril flare. “Equipped with a good sense of business, driving ambition, razor-sharp instincts – you can easily carve out your own road to success,” explains Cosmo.

3 – The Big Nose. Not to be mistaken for a fleshier nose or a Nubian nose, the big nose category is simply one with a wide bridge and/or large nostrils. “The size of the nose is directly related to the sense of power, drive, leadership, ego, and desire to work independently exuded by the nose-bearer,” Cosmo writes.

4 – The Button Nose. The fairytale-coveted button nose is generally considered the cutest of all. It is petite and perfectly portioned. Individuals with the button nose “are particularly caring, loving, optimistic, nurturing and kind… (and are) also known for their emotional instability,” says Cosmo.

5 – The Fleshy Nose. In general, a fleshy nose is one which contains a rather bulbous end on the very tip. People with a fleshy nose are “street-smart and don’t waste much time, which sometimes seems a tad bit too aggressive. But, they make extremely loyal, and caring partners,” writes Cosmo.

6 – The Greek Nose. The Greek nose is similar to the long nose in that it usually contains a longer bridge that extends beyond the nostrils. However, it also has very tiny nostrils that are tight to the sides. “People born with the Greek nose are highly skilled and driven by logic. They are naturally intelligent, and hence dependable,” Cosmo says.

7 – The Roman Nose. The Roman nose is known as the “strong” nose for its ability to command your attention. It is usually narrow and contains a very slight lift on the bridge. “People who have this nose are notably very headstrong, and ambitious in nature. They are able to influence others with their words, and know how to make an impact,” explains Cosmo.

8 – The Nubian Nose. The Nubian nose contains a longer bridge and a wider nostril base with nostrils that seem to slimly hug the bridge. “Attractive and charismatic, they have an open mind, they are great at handling conversations,” writes Cosmo.

9 – The Celestial Nose. The celestial nose is one with a slightly sloped bridge, giving way to a lightly tipped-up end. “People who have the celestial nose are insanely optimistic in life. Their warm personality makes them fiercely loyal friends, and they would readily take a bullet for their close ones,” says Cosmo.

10 – The Hawk Nose. Those with hawk noses have features that are very crisp, sharp, and defined structurally. It is bent at the bridge in stark angles to otherwise natural sloping curves. “People sporting the hawk nose are oozing with confidence, and don’t take sh*t from anybody,” Cosmo writes.